Match Masters Free Boosters and Coins Gifts Links

Match Masters free gift links, booster links, perks links, coins links, sticker links, and spin links. Gift link redeem guide and lists of ways to get game rewards.

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What are Match Masters free gift links?

Match Masters free gift links are links, which are shared by Match Masters game on their Facebook, Twitter, Instagram pages, on discord and on Facebook messenger chat.

Match Masters gift links also know as Match Masters free boosters link, Match Masters free coins link and Match Masters free stickers link.

Game users can get these links by following these pages or from gaming blogs.

How to redeem Match Masters gift links?

To redeem Match Masters free gift links, follow these steps:

  1. Open a gift link from the device where your Match Masters game is installed.
  2. The gift link will redirect you to the game page and open your Match Masters game.
  3. A gift popup will appear in the game.
  4. Tap the COLLECT button to redeem your free gifts.


If the gift page does not open the game app automatically, click the “App Store” or “Google Play” option, which opens the game app.

After that go to the gift page again, which shows “Continue to Match Masters?” popup, tap “Continue” to get rewards in the app.

Please note that: If the link is expired or you already collected a gift from it, then the link will not work for you.

Different gifts you can get from Match Masters daily gifts

You can get free coins, spins, boosters and stickers from Match Masters daily gifts.

Coins: Coins are like game currency. You can use them to buy different game resources in game.

Spins: Match Masters have Lucky Spin wheel, by spinning this wheel, users can get free rewards. Here, spin in gift links are a free chance to spin this Lucky Spin wheel.

Boosters: Boosters are helpful game items to win the game and defeat your opponent. It helps to get points in game, without losing your moves.

Sticker: Stickers are collectible items in game. These stickers were used to complete the album page in game. And, on the complete album page, users get free page completion prizes.

Perks: Match Masters perks used to change board situations. There are 14 different perks available in the game. Here, you can get free perks in gift link.

On Fire: Match Masters On Fire status will double your trophies and coins rewards which you earn after winning a match. It make game progress faster.

How to get free Boosters in Match Masters?

Boosters are an important game resource in Match Masters. You can get free Boosters by different ways, including:

  • Complete album
  • Join a team
  • Game shop
  • Daily gift links
  • Social media page giveaways and contests
  • Events and Tournaments
  • Invite friends
  • Lucky Spin wheel
  • Play game

Here is a post to know about all free Booster ways in detail.

How to get free Coins in Match Masters?

Coins are game currency in Match Masters to buy game resources. There are various ways to get free coins in game, including:

  • Spin the Lucky Spin
  • Daily gift links
  • Join a Team
  • Complete albums
  • Play Tournaments
  • Invite friends
  • Like game Facebook page
  • Play game

Next, to know about all free coins ways in detail, you can check our free coins post.

How to get free Stickers in Match Masters?

Stickers are collectible items in Match Masters. By completing sticker albums, you can win free rewards. Ways to get free Match Masters free stickers includes,

  • Tournaments & events
  • Daily gift links
  • Trophy progression rewards
  • Special sales
  • Game shop freebies
  • Lucky Spin wheel
  • Join Team
  • Sticker trade

To know more about stickers, you can check our Match Masters stickers post.

How to get free Perks in Match Masters?

Perks are game changing items in Match Masters. You can get free perks by different ways, including:

  • Daily gift links
  • Trophy milestones
  • Special tournaments
  • Events
  • Album rewards
  • Purchase by coins

Here is our Match Masters perks guide post to know more about perks.

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All links are 100% free and gathered from Match Masters social pages. Match Masters game post links on their official social media platforms like Facebook, Twitter, Instagram daily. We just collect them and update them here for game fans and users.