How to Beat Chapter 1 (Wild Streets)

To clear or beat chapter 1 in, you need to complete many tasks. Like, defeat zombies, looting, upgrade character & weapons and defeat bosses.

Here, you will find the best gear and skills list, chapter 1 walkthrough and tips & tricks which helps to beat Chapter 1.

You can beat Chapter 1 by knowing chapter 1 walkthrough, using best gears(weapons) & skills, defeating zombies & bosses, and applying best game playing practices.

Let’s checkout some helpful things, which helps to clear Chapter 1 in

Best gears to beat Chapter 1

  • Kunai.
  • Guardian spins.
  • Force field.
  • Lightning emitter.
  • Combine Lightning emitter with energy cube and evolve into the supercell for more damage.
  • Drill shot.
  • Brick.
  • Ammo thruster.
  • Soccer ball (football).
  • RPG, Boomerang type a and type b drones are good but required manual targeting.

Best skills to beat Chapter 1

  • Defender evo skill, which can be created by combining guardian and exo bracer.
  • Using close combat skills like the force field can protect you from the beginning, as your character is relatively slow when you first start playing.
  • Force barrier evo skill, which can be created by getting energy drinks and leveling up the force field.
  • In chapter 1 high hp monsters come from every side, so use a skill that can damage multiple targets in all directions like the one ton iron evo skill. Chapter 1 walk through

Chapter 1 in is approx. 15-16 minutes long. Here is a walkthrough of chapter 1 by minute by minute.

Minute 1: You need to fight with waves of zombies before range units approach. Here, pink balls hurl on you and you need to focus on defeating enemies and looting to upgrade your character.

After 1 Minute 30 seconds: Zombie dogs will come. To avoid them, keep moving to avoid damage.

Minute 2: First zombies incoming alert.

Minute 3: Elite monster will come, which looks like a construction worker. They are stronger than normal units and take longer to kill.

Minute 4: Second zombies incoming alert. Here, too many zombies and zombie dogs rush from every side.

Minute 5: First boss bouncebloom comes. To avoid damage from bounce bloom simply run the opposite way it’s facing. 

Minute 6: Different types of monsters come and join construction worker zombies.

Minute 7: Construction worker zombies and range units approach.

Minute 8: Third zombies incoming alert shown and massive number of zombie dogs come from every side.

Minute 9: Wave of zombie dogs die down and waves of purple range units will appear.

Minute 10: Second boss the devourer will appear, you can defeat it by running circles around it. Next, bugs with orange backs come after defeating the second boss.

Minute 10: In this mark, more bugs will start ambushing you from the sides with flying monsters and an elite construction worker zombie.

Minute 11 and 30 seconds: Construction worker zombie comes.

Minute 12: Elite alien slug will come.

Minute 13: Here, waves of monsters with blue backs and green flying units will come from all sides.

Minute 14: Zombie dogs will appear. Here, you have one minute to survive and face the main boss.

Minute 15: Third and final boss steel nasher will appear. This boss will try to rush you. Here, whenever you see red lines coming your way, then move the other direction.

Tips and best practices to beat Chapter 1

Following are a few tips and best practices to play and beat Chapter 1

  • Keep moving to avoid taking damage.
  • Kill as many monsters as you can.
  • Collect colorful loot from the ground to level up character.
  • Select weapon skills and gears smartly.
  • Boxes or crates on the ground that can be broken which contains gold, food, magnets and bombs.
  • Elite monsters and boss drop chests when they die which have lucky train wheal, which rewards you weapon and passive skills.
  • In chapter, excluding the weapon, you can select up to 5 weapon skills and 6 passive skills at a time.

Chapter 1 bosses

Boucebloom: This is the first boss, which fires three projectiles that scatter and bounce off surfaces. Here, the best practice is to maintain distance from the Boss.

Devourer: This is the second boss in chapter 1 and you can easily defeat him by keeping moving.

Steel Ghasher: By upgrading your weapons and skills as much as possible and changing moving direction from red lines, you can manage to defeat this boss.

That’s it,

Hope you find this beat chapter 1 guide helpful. game guide and FAQs