How to Beat Chapter 2 (City Park)

To clear or beat chapter 2 in, you need to complete many tasks. Like, defeat butterflies & zombie dogs, looting, upgrade character & weapons and defeat bosses.

Here, you will find the best gear and skills list, chapter 2 walkthrough and tips & tricks which helps to beat Chapter 2.

You can beat Chapter 2 by knowing chapter 2 walkthrough, using best gears(weapons) & skills, defeating butterflies, dogs & bosses, and applying best game playing practices.

Let’s checkout some helpful things, which helps to clear Chapter 2 in

Best weapon gears to beat Chapter 2

The best weapon gears to beat Chapter 2 are:

  • Kunai
  • Revolver
  • Katana
  • Lightchaser
  • Baseball Bat
  • Shotgun

Best skills to beat Chapter 2

The best skills to beat Chapter 2 are:

  • Forcefield
  • Guardian
  • Molotov
  • Lightning Emitter
  • Laser Launcher
  • Soccer Ball
  • Boomerang
  • RPG
  • Magnet
  • Guardian + Exo-Bracer Chapter 2 walk through

Chapter 2 in is approx. 15-16 minutes long. Here is a walkthrough of chapter 2 by minute by minute.

Minute 1:

In the first 60 seconds of Chapter 2, You will have to contend with both butterflies and zombie dogs

When these butterflies die, they make a dangerous area. Your aim is to eliminate them and avoid the puddles they create.

And, Remember to gather the loot that enemies drop. You’ll need it to unlock and improve your skills.

Minute 2:

Two minutes after the start of the battle, an elite butterfly will appear. It is recommended to keep your distance from the butterfly and avoid its damaging puddles.

Three minutes after the start of the battle, a large swarm of zombies and butterflies will attack. It is recommended to have area skills by this time to deal with the large number of enemies.

Minute 5:

In five minutes, you will have to battle Papillon butterfly, the first boss. It will shoot projectiles at you, which are simple to avoid.

Once the boss is defeated, zombie construction workers will begin to spawn. These are more durable than regular zombies. To level up faster, you should farm these zombies.

Minute 7:

At the seven-minute mark, a group of zombies, zombie dogs, and butterflies will begin to surround you.

You must keep moving and use your skills to damage the approaching group.

Minute 10, 15:

The last two bosses come at 10 and 15 minutes. By then, your skills should be better. If bosses are tough, dodge and stay away. You’ll beat them with attacks and skills if you stay alive.

Tips and best practices to beat Chapter 2

Following are a few tips and best practices to play and beat Chapter 2

  • Maintain a safe distance from the bosses and use weapons.
  • Keep moving to avoid taking damage.
  • Kill as many monsters as you can.
  • Collect colorful loot from the ground to level up character.
  • Select weapon skills and gears smartly.
  • Collect more XP to gain skills faster.
  • Level up your Kunai to easily kill butterflies.
  • Last minute before the big boss, find Grenade and Magnet.
  • Elite monsters and bosses drop chests when they die.
  • In chapter, excluding the weapon, you can select up to 5 weapon skills and 6 passive skills at a time.
  • Boxes or crates on the ground that can be broken which contains gold, food, magnets and bombs.

Chapter 2 bosses

There are 3 bosses in Chapter 2. Best practices to handle Chapter 2 bosses are: keep moving, use Kunai or highest grade weapons, maintain a safe distance and before the big boss appears find Grenade and Magnet.

1. Papillon butterfly boss – This boss will launch projectiles toward you, which you can easily avoid.

2. Spread stinger boss –  It will follow you around and launch projectiles, which break apart and move faster around you. As a good practice, keep a distance.

3. Mega devourer – This boss charges at you in a straight line multiple times. Here, charges can be evaded, if you’re fast enough and move out of the way before he rushes.

Final boss also has a ranged attack. Evolved skills like supercell and whispering arrow can help to defeat this boss. 

That’s it,

Hope you find this beat chapter 2 guide helpful. game guide and FAQs