Best Belts – Best, Better, Good Belts Tier List

Currently the Eternal Belt is the best belt based on grade skills in Here you get belts tier list and know about best, better, good and average belts. best Belts tier list Belts
Best beltsEternal Belt.
Better beltsStylish Belt, Waist Sensor Belt.
Good beltsBroad Waistguard Belt, Army Belt.
Average beltsLeather Belt.

Eternal Belt grade skills

  • Revival effect +20%.
  • HP +15%.
  • Triggers invincibility for 2s when damaged. Triggers once/min.
  • HP +25%.
  • ATK +50% for 3s when invincible.

Waist Sensor Belt grade skills

  • HP +10%.
  • When over 50% HP, Movement Speed +20%.
  • When below 50% HP, damage received -20%.
  • HP +15%.

Stylish Belt grade skills

  • HP +10%.
  • Gain shield that blocks damage 1 time for every 200 monsters killed.
  • Shield now grants damage immunity for 1s.
  • HP +15%.

Army Belt grade skills

  • HP +10%.
  • Gain Inspire from Elite/Boss kills and grants 1 Shockwave Shield to the hero.
  • Gain Dominator state for 5s when Shockwave is triggered: +100% damage and Movement Speed, All CD reductions are maximized.
  • HP +15%.

Broad Waistguard Belt grade skills

  • HP +10%.
  • Radiation pulses  1 time when healing, dealing damage proportionate to HP healed.
  • All radiation pulse damage doubled.
  • HP +15%.

Leather Belt grade skills

  • HP +10%.
  • Healing +5% when looting food (Max 30%).
  • Movement Speed +5% when looting food (Max 30%).
  • HP +15%.

Things to know about Belts Belts gear skills help to increase HP and provide buffs which helps to enhance hero performance during the battle.

And, given Belts Tier List helps to choose the best belts in the game.

All belts in have different skills. For example, increase HP, increase healing, movement speed increase, damage, revival effect and ATK increase.

From this post, you will easily find out which belts are best in your game. All belts have less or more skills, and you can use them based on your game play requirements. game guide and FAQs