How to Get Free Gems in (10 Ways)

This post has a list of ways to get free gems in the game. Gems are a valuable resource in game, you can use them to get other resources in game.

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You can get free Gems in by promo codes, clearing chapters, completing trials, dailies & weeklies missions, achievements, watching ads, events, leveling up adventure level and free growth fund.

List of ways to get free Gems in

1. Promo codes

You can get free rewards by redeem game promo codes, including gems.

To get promo codes, you can get codes from the official discord server or from good online gaming blogs.

2. Clear Chapters in game

Clearing chapters gives rewards. Here, the more chapters you beat, the more gems you can potentially get.

3. Complete trials chapter levels

Game gives you free gems on completing levels in the trials chapter. Completing all three level series of chapters, gives you a total 400 gems.

4. Dailies missions

By completing dailies missions, you can get chests. This chest contains gems and other free rewards.

5. Weeklies login rewards

Weeklies rewards are daily login rewards. Here, you can collect daily rewards by opening game daily.

Here, you can get 250+ gems by logging in for 7 days. There are more free gems for continued 25 and 28 days login.

6. Achievements

There are different achievements in the game, and you will get good rewards on achieving it. You can earn achievements by playing games and completing different game tasks.

7. Watch ads

You can watch ads in game from daily shop and daily discount shop popup. You use this option every day.

This Daily discount shop opens by tapping the grocery cart icon on the home page. This shop is not the actual shop.

8. Events

Events are a good way to collect more rewards in game. Events may be available on special days or holidays. So, never miss events to get more gems in rewards.

9. Level up adventure level

Leveling up your adventure level is a good option to get free gems. Because, when you level up your adventure level, you will get 100 gems and a stamina reward.

Play the game, eight minute chapter farm and claim patrols are ways to level up adventure level fast.

10. Free growth fund

In the growth fund, free growth fund column gives free gems and gold when they level up their adventure level.

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Hope you find the given list of ways to get gems in helpful. game guide and FAQs