How do you get more power in Kingdom Guard? (Ways Explained)

Power rating is an important factor in Kingdom Guard:Tower Defense strategy game. This post explains ways to get more power in Kingdom Guard.

You can get more power in Kingdom Guard by Castle upgrade, train units in Barracks, academy research, recruit new heroes and upgrade your heroes.

Let’s know each way in more details,

Castle upgrade

You can upgrade your castle to increase the power ratings, level of units trained and the maximum merge level.

Using a strong team, you can complete the stages and increase your castle’s level.

Here, you need a good amount of gold to upgrade the castle. So, saving and collecting more gold is good practice in game.

Train units in Barracks

Barracks is the place where you can upgrade your standard units. You can gain a big boost in power ratings by training your units in the barracks.

Compared to other upgrades, this method costs less amount of gold per upgrade.

Academy research

In the academy research upgrade tree, you need to complete pre requirements before upgrading to the next skill level.

Academy has many upgrades and these academy upgrades help to increase power rating.

Recruit new heroes

Free daily recruitments, reward tickets and by other ways, you can recruit new heroes.

More heroes helps to create a strong team which helps to increase your combat power.

Upgrade your heroes

You can upgrade your heroes by promoting and leveling. Upgradation provides a raise in stats and unlocks new abilities, which helps to get more power.

Play game regularly

This is not a direct way to get more power in a game. But, by doing this you will be able to learn new things about the game, get rewards and be able to progress your game.

And, game progress automatically helps to increase your power ratings.