Best Gloves – Best, Better, Good Gloves Tier List

Currently Eternal Gloves are the best gloves based on grade skills in Here you get gloves tier list and know about best, better, good and average gloves. best Gloves tier list Gloves
Best glovesExternal Gloves
Better glovesFingerless Gloves
Good glovesLeather Gloves, Army Gloves, Shiny Wristguard
Average glovesProtective Gloves Best Gloves Tier List Best Gloves Tier List

External Gloves grade skills

  • ATK +20% when own HP is over 50%.
  • ATK +15%.
  • Attacks have 10% chance to Crit.
  • Attack +25%.
  • Crit Rate +10%, Crit Damage +100%.

Fingerless Gloves grade skills

  • ATK +10%.
  • 1% chance to instakill non-boss monsters.
  • +3% damage for every 200 monsters killed (Max 30%).
  • Attack +15%.

Leather Gloves grade skills

  • ATK +10%.
  • Attacks have 5% chance to Crit.
  • +50% Crit Damage, Crit also inflict Bleed.
  • ATK +15%.

Army Gloves grade skills

  • ATK +10%.
  • Damage to Elites and Bosses +20%.
  • Damage to Elites and Bosses increased to 50%.
  • ATK +15%.

Shiny Wristguard Gloves grade skills

  • ATK +10%.
  • Minor explosion when mosters die.
  • Monster death explosion damage doubled.
  • ATK 15%.

Protective Gloves grade skills

  • ATK 10%.
  • Killed monsters leave radiation rings that deal damage over time.
  • All radiation ring ranges doubled.
  • ATK +15%.

Things to know about Gloves Gloves gear skills help to increase ATK of the hero and it also gives ATK related buffs to your hero. And, given Gloves Tier List helps to choose best gloves for your hero.

All Gloves in have different skills. For example, increase ATK, damage over time, chance to Crit or increase the Crit.

From this post, you will easily find out which gloves are best in your game. All gloves have less or more skills, and you can use them based on your game play requirements. game guide and FAQs