How To Get Free Skins in Valorant? (Agent Contracts, Prime Gaming)

There are two ways to get free skins in Valorant. First is completing Agent Contracts to Tier 10 and second is free trial Prime Gaming subscription.

Let’s know about both ways,

1. Agent Contracts

In game, all Valorant Agents have their own contract. And, by earning XP, you can level up to Tier 10. Once you reach tier 10, you will get some kind of weapon skin.

Here is a list of all Valorant Agent contract names and weapon skins.

Valorant Agent contract skins

  • Astra – Eclipse Ghost
  • Breach – Ragnarocker Frenzy
  • Brimstone – Peacekeeper Sheriff
  • Chamber – Finesse Classic
  • Cypher – Hush Ghost
  • Fade – Karabasan Shorty
  • Jett – Game Over Sheriff
  • KAY/O – FIRE-ARM Classic
  • Killjoy – Wunderkind Shorty
  • Neon – Live Wire Frenzy
  • Omen – Soul Silencer Ghost
  • Phoenix – Spitfire Frenzy
  • Raze – Pistolinha Classic
  • Reyna – Vendetta Ghost
  • Sage – Final Chamber Classic
  • Skye – Swooping Frenzy
  • Sova – Protektor Sheriff
  • Viper – Snakebite Shorty
  • Yoru – Death Wish Sheriff

How to activate Valorant Agent contracts?

To activate the Valorant Agent contract, click the “Agents” option from the main menu. Next, select the agent and click “Activate”.

Now, your agent contract is activated and you will get your free weapon skin on reaching contract tier 10.

2. Prime Gaming subscription

Prime gaming free trial subscription is the second way to get free weapon skins in Valorant.

Technically this option is not free, because Amazon Prime subscription is paid.

But, by using Prime Gaming’s free 7-day trial offer, you can be a Prime Gaming subscriber and grab free skins on offer. And, after that, you can  cancel the subscription before end of free trial.

That’s it,

Hope you find both ways helpful to get Valorant free weapon skins.