Espresso Cookie in Cookie Run: Kingdom (Things to Know)

This is a guide about Espresso Cookie in Cookie Run: Kingdom. Things to know about Espresso Cookie – toppings, gender, build, skills, uses and more.

Espresso Cookie overview

NameEspresso Cookie
PronounsHe / Him
Best ToppingsSearing Raspberry
Cookie DecorBrewing Laboratory
Release DateJanuary 21, 2021
Espresso Cookie in Cookie Run Kingdom
Espresso Cookie in Cookie Run Kingdom

Espresso Cookie toppings build

Searing Raspberry is the best toppings for powerful attacker Espresso Cookie. Following are an Espresso Cookie build for toppings.

Topping X5 Searing Raspberry (Recommended)

X5 Searing Raspberry with CD substats would be best Espresso Cookie toppings. This topping will increase ATK DMG output.

Here, using a full Searing Raspberry topping gives Espresso Cookie the highest amount of ATK possible.

Topping X5 Swift Chocolate

Swift Chocolate toppings with ATK DMG sub stats is another toppings for Espresso Cookie. This topping is not highly recommended, but you can try to check whether it works for you or not.

How to Get Espresso Cookie in Cookie Run: Kingdom?

There are two possible ways to get an Espresso Cookie in the CRK game.

1. Regular Cookie Gacha

You can unlock Espresso Cookie in the regular Cookie Gacha.

There is a 0.096% probability for receiving an Espresso Cookie in Cookie Gacha.

Here, each Gacha pull for Cookies costs – 300 Crystals for 1 pull, or 3000 Crystals for 10 pulls, or players can use Cookie Cutter Summons.

2. Espresso Cookie Soulstone

In game, you can also unlock a Cookie, if you manage to gain the Cookie’s Soulstones from the Gacha.

There is a 0.547% probability per pull of getting Espresso Cookie’s Soulstone.

You can unlock Espresso Cookie, when you have 20 Espresso Cookie’s Soulstones.

Espresso Cookie’s skills

Targets and damage multiple enemies at once, interrupting the enemy cookie’s skill are two important skills of Espresso Cookie.

This Espresso Cookie is a magical Epic tier cookie with Grinding ability.

Espresso Cookie inflicts serial AoE damage to multiple enemies and pulls them to its center. And, the final burst of damage interrupts enemy cookies abilities.

This kind of skill makes Espresso a popular choice in World Exploration, Guild Battle and Arena.

Espresso Cookie’s Magic Candy

Magic Candy available when you manually level Espresso Cookie up to level 50.

Espresso Cookie’s Magic Candy has level specific skills and effects. For example, Lvl-1 candy provides injury debuff and damage boost, and Lvl-10 candy unlocks Stun effect.

These different Magic Candy level skills can be used as per your goal requirements.

Tips to use the Espresso Cookie

Based on Espresso Cookie’s skills, Espresso Cookie is popular game users choice in:

  • Arena
  • World Exploration
  • Guild Battle (best for the Living Abyss boss)
  • As a teammate with Caramel Arrow Cookie, Vampire Cookie, Financier Cookie and Cream Unicorn Cookie.

Above are some popular uses of Espresso Cookie in Cookie Run Kingdom.

Espresso Cookie FAQs

Following are quick FAQs for Cookie Run: Kingdom Espresso Cookie.

Is Espresso Cookie a boy or a girl?

Espresso Cookie is Male gender and pronouns He or Him.

What type of cookie is espresso?

Espresso Cookie is a magic type Epic cookie. He is a smug, serious and intellectual perfectionist.

Are Espresso Cookie and Latte Cookie siblings?

Here, because both cookies ingredients and interactions in game create questions of siblings. But, Espresso Cookie and Latte Cookie are not siblings.

Is Espresso Cookie’s hair dyed?

Based on Almond Cookie’s Case Files, Espresso Cookie dyes his hair.

Is Licorice Cookie stronger than Espresso Cookie?

In the game, each cookie has its own skills and best in different situations. Also, damage is not everythings in game, and Yes, Licorice Cookie is better than Espresso Cookie.

That’s it for the Espresso Cookie guide. Hope you find given information helpful.

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