Best Recommended Toppings for Cookie Run Kingdom Cookies

Best recommended toppings for Common, Rare, Special, Epic, Super Epic, Ancient and Legendary Cookies in Cookie Run Kingdom.

Let’s check out Cookie Run Kingdom cookies recommended toppings.

Common Cookies Toppings

GingerBraveSolid Almond, Swift Chocolate
Muscle CookieSolid Almond
Strawberry CookieSolid Almond
Wizard CookieSearing Raspberry
Beet CookieSwift Chocolate
Ninja CookieSearing Raspberry
Angel CookieSwift Chocolate
Cookie Run Kingdom Common cookies toppings

Rare Cookies Toppings

Princess CookieSolid Almond
Avocado CookieSolid Almond
Knight CookieSolid Almond
Blackberry CookieJuicy Apple Jelly, Searing Raspberry
Devil CookieSearing Raspberry, Swift Chocolate
Adventurer CookieSearing Raspberry
Pancake CookieSearing Raspberry
Alchemist CookieSwift Chocolate
Cherry CookieSwift Chocolate
Gumball CookieSearing Raspberry
Carrot CookieSwift Chocolate
Onion CookieSwift Chocolate
Clover CookieSearing Raspberry, Swift Chocolate
Custard Cookie IIISearing Raspberry
Cookie Run Kingdom Rare cookies toppings

Special Cookies Toppings

Sonic CookieSearing Raspberry, Swift Chocolate
Tails CookieSearing Raspberry
Cookie Run Kingdom Special cookies toppings

Epic Cookies Toppings

Dark Choco CookieSwift Chocolate, Solid Almond
Purple Yam CookieSolid Almond, Searing Raspberry
Werewolf CookieSolid Almond
Kumiho CookieSolid Almond, Swift Chocolate
Red Velvet CookieSolid Almond, Swift Chocolate
Raspberry CookieSolid Almond, Swift Chocolate
Mala Sauce CookieSearing Raspberry, Solid Almond
Tea Knight CookieSearing Raspberry, Solid Almond
Madeleine CookieJuicy Apple Jelly, Solid Almond
Milk CookieSolid Almond, Swift Chocolate
Strawberry Crepe CookieSolid Almond, Swift Chocolate
Moon Rabbit CookieSolid Almond, Swift Chocolate
Cocoa CookieSolid Almond, Swift Chocolate
Wildberry CookieSolid Almond, Searing Raspberry
Licorice CookieSearing Raspberry, Swift Chocolate
Snow Sugar CookieSwift Chocolate
Espresso CookieSearing Raspberry
Latte CookieSearing Raspberry, Swift Chocolate
Mango CookieSwift Chocolate, Searing Raspberry
Squid Ink CookieSearing Raspberry, Swift Chocolate
Pumpkin Pie CookieSolid Almond, Searing Raspberry
Rye CookieSearing Raspberry
Tiger Lily CookieSwift Chocolate
Pastry CookieSearing Raspberry
Twizzly Gummy CookieJuicy Apple Jelly, Searing Raspberry
Caramel Arrow CookieSearing Raspberry, Solid Almond
Chili Pepper CookieSearing Raspberry
Vampire CookieSearing Raspberry
Cherry Blossom CookieSearing Raspberry, Swift Chocolate
Black Raisin CookieSearing Raspberry
Sorbet Shark CookieSearing Raspberry, Solid Almond
Poison Mushroom CookieSearing Raspberry
Affogato CookieSearing Raspberry, Swift Chocolate
Mint Choco CookieSwift Chocolate
Pomegranate CookieSearing Raspberry, Swift Chocolate
Almond CookieSwift Chocolate
Cream Puff CookieSwift Chocolate, Juicy Apple Jelly
Fig CookieSwift Chocolate
Lilac CookieSwift Chocolate
Parfait CookieSwift Chocolate, Solid Almond, Searing Raspberry
Cotton CookieSwift Chocolate, Solid Almond, Searing Raspberry
Eclair CookieSearing Raspberry, Swift Chocolate
Herb CookieSwift Chocolate, Solid Almond, Searing Raspberry
Sparkling CookieSwift Chocolate
Cookie Run Kingdom Epic cookies toppings

Super Epic Cookies Toppings

Clotted Cream CookieSearing Raspberry, Solid Almond
Cookie Run Kingdom Super Epic cookies toppings

Ancient Cookies Toppings

Pure Vanilla CookieSolid Almond, Swift Chocolate
Hollyberry CookieSolid Almond
Dark Cacao CookieSolid Almond, Swift Chocolate, Searing Raspberry
Cookie Run Kingdom Ancient cookies toppings

Legendary Cookies Toppings

Sea Fairy CookieSearing Raspberry, Solid Almond, Swift Chocolate
Frost Queen CookieSearing Raspberry, Swift Chocolate
Cookie Run Kingdom Legendary cookies toppings

That’s it,

Above are the 7 rarity based cookies character lists and best recommended Toppings for Cookies in Cookie Run Kingdom. Hope you find these lists helpful.

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