Get or Build a Jampie Diner In Cookie Run Kingdom (Complete Guide)

  • What is a Jampie Diner in Cookie Run Kingdom.
  • How to get or build a Jampie Diner In Cookie Run Kingdom.
  • Jampie Diner manufacturing list and upgrade requirements.
  • Advice for Jampie Diner upgrade.

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What is a Jampie Diner in Cookie Run Kingdom?

Jampie Dinner is a manufacturing building for producing different types of food dishes, jam based food dishes.

This fifth manufacturing building’s goods are used in different recipes from other buildings.

How to get or build a Jampie Diner In Cookie Run Kingdom?

Here is the answer to your question – how to get, build or unlock Jampie Diner in CRK.

Castle Missions in Cookie Run Kingdom requires you to build Jampie Diner in your Kingdom (Place x1 Jampie Diner).

To build Jampie Diner, first you need to build Jellyberry Orchard, which costs 11,000 coins and takes 40 minutes to build.

First Jellyberry Orchard build is available when you upgrade the Castle to level 4, and second build available on reaching castle level 10. 

Jampie Diner costs 11800 coins and it takes 45 minutes to build.

Advice for Jampie Diner upgrade

It is good practice to not upgrade the Jampie Diner to level 4 and above, until you do not run into different upgrades which require high level dishes.

Also, build up stable storage before unlocking these levels at all. But, at last the decision is yours based on your game progress.

Jampie Diner manufacturing list

Following is Jampie Diner manufacturing list with building level.

  • Hot Jelly Stew (building level 1)
  • Bear Jelly Burger (building level 2)
  • Candy Pasta (building level 3)
  • Fluffy Omurice (building level 4)
  • Jelly Deluxe Pizza (building level 5)
  • Fancy Jellybean Meal (building level 6)

Jampie Diner building upgrading requirements

  • Jampie Diner building level 1 requires Castle level 4, 11800 coins, 45 min and materials (Roll Cake Wood, Sugar Cube and Candy Saw).
  • Jampie Diner building level 2 requires Castle level 5, 18300 coins, 1 hr 30 min and materials (Aurora Pilar and Tempered Pickaxe).
  • Jampie Diner building level 3 requires Castle level 6, 35400 coins, 4 hr and materials (Aurora Brick, Sugar Cube and Diggy Shovel).
  • Jampie Diner building level 4 requires Castle level 7, 55000 coins, 8 hr and materials (Aurora Pilar, Shiny Glass and Enchanted Stake).
  • Jampie Diner building level 5 requires Castle level 9, 165000 coins, 1 day and materials (Aurora Pilar, Candy Bouquet and Enchanted Tongs).
  • Jampie Diner building level 6 requires Castle level 12, 616800 coins, 3 day 12 hr and materials (Aurora Brick, Bell-Flower Bouquet and Indestructible Glazed Hammer).

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