How to Get Herb Cookie in Cookie Run Kingdom? (Guide)

About Herb Cookie – overview rarity and more. Guide to get Herb Cookie in Cookie Run Kingdom. Herb Cookie feature overview image from Cookie Run Kingdom.

Let’s know about Herb Cookie in Cookie Run Kingdom. What is it, how to unlock and get Herb Cookie.

How to get Herb Cookie in Cookie Run Kingdom?

Along with the other Cookies, You can get Herb Cookie in the regular Cookie Gacha. The Herb Cookie rarity is Epic cookie. Epic cookie Gacha probability is 0.066% and Epic coockie’s Soulstone Gacha probability is 0.373%.

So, You can get a Herb Cookie from regular Cookie Gacha and the probability of getting an Herb Cookie is 0.066%.

Next question is,

What is gacha pull cost for Cookies?

Each gacha draw for Cookies and Cookie Soulstones costs 300 Crystals per 1 draw and 3000 Crystals for 10 draws.

Crystals can be purchased in-game for real money, but the game is pretty generous with its rewards. You can also earn extra crystals by replaying completed levels.

These Crystals can be earned by replaying completed levels (suggested), or you can purchase them in-game by real money.

What is Herb Cookie in the Cookie Run Kingdom game?

NameHerb Cookie
Place of happinessHerb Terrace

As per Herb Cookie’s description in game – Herb Cookie will ease your mind when you’re feeling down.

In the next section you can see the full Herb Cookie’s description in its image.

Cookie Run Kingdom Herb Cookie image with description

Herb Cookie Cookie Run Kingdom
Herb Cookie Cookie Run Kingdom

Tip: Play the game daily to collect gift items and crystals and for quick game progress complete achievements and quests.

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