Change Servers in Top War Battle Game? (Steps – Restrictions)

  • You can transfer a character’s server using Server Transfer Application feature via World Map.
  • There are 10-11 requirements for character server transfer in the Top War Battle game.
  • By transferring character server, you can play with a new community of commanders or friends on other servers without losing game progress.

Let’s check answer in detail,

Steps to change character server in Top War Battle game

  • Click the location icon from screen left side.
  • Click the Globe icon from the screen bottom right side.
  • Search Warzone/Server to join and click Go.
  • Select Server Transfer and Apply to Transfer.
  • Use tickets and complete the transfer process.

Restrictions to change character server in Top War Battle game

Following are requirements or restrictions for changing server in Top War Battle game.

  • You are not in an Alliance.
  • Character’s level must be Lv. 80.
  • You are not assigned to an official position.
  • All marching queues are idle.
  • You are not holding any Dimensional Mine.
  • You are not engaging in combat.
  • You have no injured units.
  • The target server is not having an ongoing special event.
  • The number of transfers on any given server is limited by quotas.
  • The server has a server leader.

More on this, server leaders can set restrictions for their server. There will be a cooldown time after each server transfer. And, if you already have a character on some server, then you can not transfer to that server.

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Hope you find this Top War Battle game server change guide helpful.