How to Change Server in Cookie Run Kingdom? (Is it Possible)

Server selection allows only once at Cookie Run Kingdom account registration. You can choose any one server from Hollyberry or Pure Vanilla on new registration. CRK server list and steps to check your current server name.

Let’s check out answer in detail,

In Cookie Run Kingdom game users get option to choose Hollyberry or Pure Vanilla server at account registration time.

After selection server on account creation time and completing the process, users can not change their game server.

So, it is good practice to choose Cookie Run Kingdom server wisely, because you will not get the option to change server in future.

Can I add a friend who has a different server in Cookie Run Kingdom?

Unfortunately, No.

In Cookie Run Kingdom game if you and your friend are on different servers, e.g., you are on Hollyberry and your friend is on Pure Vanilla, then you can not add each other in game.

How to change the server in Cookie Run Kingdom?

You can not change your server in Cookie Run Kingdom, once you select server and create game account.

But, there is one way, which is shared by some users. This way may be suitable for new players – who just started game playing and do not have game progress.

In this way, to change the server, the player can delete his/her game account and register again. NOTE: in this process, all your game progress will gone and restart from beginning.

Here, if you have good progress in the game and do not want to lose your progress then it is good practice to avoid the server change idea.

Cookie Run Kingdom server list

Following are available servers in Cookie Run Kingdom.

  • Pure Vanilla Server
  • Hollyberry Server
  • Dark Cacao Server

How to check your server in Cookie Run Kingdom?

You can check your current server name from the Touch to Start screen in Cookie Run Kingdom. On the Touch to Start screen top-left corner you will get version, mid and server detail.

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