How to upgrade my Cookies Skills in Cookie Run Kingdom?

Cookies’ skills can be upgraded by using skill powders and coins. Skill powders can be obtained from Fountain of Abundance, Bounties and quest rewards.

Let’s check the answer in detail.

How to upgrade my Cookies skills?

In Cookie Run Kingdom Cookies skill can be upgraded by using skill specific skill powder and coins.

For example, to upgrade Cookie’s charge skill, you need charge skill power.

All Cookies in game have unique skills that can be upgraded. You can upgrade cookies by skill powder to increase cookie power and efficiency in combat.

How to get Skill Powder in Cookie Run Kingdom?

Following are three ways to obtain skill powder in Cookie Run Kingdom.

  • Fountain of Abundance
  • Bounties
  • Quest rewards

There are also higher grades of Skill Powder, which required to continue Cookie upgrading once the cookie reached a certain level.

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