Cookie Run Kingdom Characters List (Name, Position, Type, Rarity)

There are 73 cookie characters in the Cookie Run Kingdom game. Cookies character categorized by rarity, position and type. Here based on the rarity 7 cookie list table given.

Let’s check out Cookie Run Kingdom characters list based on rarity.

Common Cookies

Muscle CookieFrontChargeCommon
Strawberry CookieFrontDefenseCommon
Wizard CookieMiddleMagicCommon
Beet CookieRearRangedCommon
Ninja CookieRearAmbushCommon
Angel CookieRearHealingCommon
Cookie Run Kingdom Common cookies list

Rare Cookies

Princess CookieFrontChargeRare
Avocado CookieFrontDefenseRare
Knight CookieFrontDefenseRare
Blackberry CookieRearMagicRare
Devil CookieMiddleMagicRare
Adventurer CookieMiddleAmbushRare
Pancake CookieRearAmbushRare
Alchemist CookieMiddleBomberRare
Cherry CookieRearBomberRare
Gumball CookieRearBomberRare
Carrot CookieMiddleSupportRare
Onion CookieMiddleSupportRare
Clover CookieRearSupportRare
Custard Cookie IIIRearHealingRare
Cookie Run Kingdom Rare cookies list

Special Cookies

Sonic CookieMiddleAmbushSpecial
Tails CookieMiddleAmbushSpecial
Cookie Run Kingdom Special cookies list

Epic Cookies

Dark Choco CookieFrontChargeEpic
Purple Yam CookieFrontChargeEpic
Werewolf CookieFrontChargeEpic
Kumiho CookieFrontChargeEpic
Red Velvet CookieFrontChargeEpic
Raspberry CookieFrontChargeEpic
Mala Sauce CookieFrontChargeEpic
Tea Knight CookieFrontChargeEpic
Madeleine CookieFrontDefenseEpic
Milk CookieFrontDefenseEpic
Strawberry Crepe CookieFrontDefenseEpic
Moon Rabbit CookieFrontDefenseEpic
Cocoa CookieFrontDefenseEpic
Wildberry CookieFrontDefenseEpic
Licorice CookieMiddleMagicEpic
Snow Sugar CookieMiddleMagicEpic
Espresso CookieMiddleMagicEpic
Latte CookieMiddleMagicEpic
Mango CookieMiddleMagicEpic
Squid Ink CookieMiddleMagicEpic
Pumpkin Pie CookieMiddleMagicEpic
Rye CookieRearRangedEpic
Tiger Lily CookieRearRangedEpic
Pastry CookieRearRangedEpic
Twizzly Gummy CookieRearRangedEpic
Caramel Arrow CookieFrontRangedEpic
Chili Pepper CookieMiddleAmbushEpic
Vampire CookieRearAmbushEpic
Cherry Blossom CookieRearAmbushEpic
Black Raisin CookieMiddleAmbushEpic
Sorbet Shark CookieMiddleAmbushEpic
Poison Mushroom CookieMiddleBomberEpic
Affogato CookieMiddleBomberEpic
Mint Choco CookieRearSupportEpic
Pomegranate CookieMiddleSupportEpic
Almond CookieRearSupportEpic
Cream Puff CookieRearSupportEpic
Fig CookieMiddleSupportEpic
Lilac CookieMiddleSupportEpic
Parfait CookieRearSupportEpic
Cotton CookieRearSupportEpic
Eclair CookieMiddleSupportEpic
Herb CookieRearHealingEpic
Sparkling CookieRearHealingEpic
Cookie Run Kingdom Epic cookies list

Super Epic Cookies

Clotted Cream CookieMiddleMagicSuper Epic
Cookie Run Kingdom Super Epic cookies list

Ancient Cookies

Pure Vanilla CookieRearHealingAncient
Hollyberry CookieFrontDefenseAncient
Dark Cacao CookieFrontChargeAncient
Cookie Run Kingdom Ancient cookies list

Legendary Cookies

Sea Fairy CookieMiddleBomberLegendary
Frost Queen CookieMiddleMagicLegendary
Cookie Run Kingdom Legendary cookies list

That’s it,

Above are the 7 rarity based cookies character lists in Cookie Run Kingdom. Hope you find these lists helpful.

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