Best Armor Suit – Best, Better, Good Armor Tier List

Currently the Eternal Suit is the best armor suit based on grade skills in Here you get armor suit tier list and know about best, better, good and average armors. Best Armor Suit tier list Armor Suits
Best armorEternal Suit.
Better armorFull Metal Suit.
Good armorProtective Suit, Traveler’s Jacket, Army Uniform.
Average armorCarapace.

Eternal Suit grade skills

  • Revives with full HP once.
  • HP +15%.
  • After revival, ATK 15%, Movement Speed +15%.
  • HP +25%.
  • +1 revival.

Full Metal Suit grade skills

  • HP +15%.
  • Revive once with 50%HP if dead from battle.
  • Revive with full HP with ATK +10%, Movement Speed +10%.
  • HP +20%.

Protective Suit grade skills

  • HP +15%.
  • Releases radiation pulse when hero is hit.
  • Increased radiation pulse range with knockback.
  • HP +20%.

Traveler’s Jacket grade skills

  • HP +15%.
  • All healing +20%.
  • Heal for 5% HP for every 200 monsters killed.
  • HP +20%.

Army Uniform grade skills

  • HP +15%.
  • Gain inspire from Elite/Boss kills (fades when hero is hit). Heal 3% HP/5s.
  • Inspire healing increased to 10% HP/5s.
  • HP +20%.

Carapace grade skills

  • HP +15%.
  • Bullet damage received -100%, +10% for each bullet received. Max 0%.
  • With bullet damage reduction active, a storm will blow enemies away and nullify shots when hero is hit by bullets.
  • HP +20%.

Things to know about Armor Suits Armor Suits gear skills help to increase HP, healing, ATK and movement.

And, given Armors Tier list helps to choose the best Armor Suit in the game.

All suits in have different skills. For example, increase ATK, increase HP, increase movement and healing.

From this post, you will easily find out which Armor Suits are best in your game. All armor have less or more skills, and you can use them based on your game play requirements. game guide and FAQs