How to Merge Equipment in (Merge Gear Guide)

Merging game equipment items is one way to upgrade equipment gear to make it more stronger.

Here, you will know about merge equipment gear feature and merge chart or tree table to know merge results.

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What is merge feature?

In merge equipment or gear item feature allows to merge two more or all items to upgrade equipment gear and make it more stronger.

There are a total 11 equipment rarity levels in the game and merging equipment allows you to increase the rarity level.

More on this, each gear equipment has grade skills that will unlock with different rarity levels.

Next, question is,

How to merge equipment gear in

To merge equipment gear, go to the equipment area and tap the merge button.

After that, you can select one piece of gear item or all gear items to merge.

Now, let’s know the all 11 grades or rarity levels. equipment gear rarity levels list

Following list contains the rarity name and the color name by which it is represented.

  • Normal (Gray color).
  • Good (Green color).
  • Better (Blue color).
  • Excellent (Purple color).
  • Excellent 1 (Purple color).
  • Excellent 2 (Purple color).
  • Epic (Yellow color).
  • Epic 1 (Yellow color).
  • Epic 2 (Yellow color).
  • Epic 3 (Yellow color).
  • Legend (Red color). equipment gear merge chart or tree table

Following table shows the order to merge equipment gear and increase their grade level. You will get answer for your queries – How to get good, excellent, epic and legend equipment in

Merge Creates
Normal Normal Normal Good
Good Good Good Better
Better Better Better Excellent
Excellent Any Excellent Excellent 1
Excellent 1 Any Excellent 1 Excellent 2
Excellent 2 Excellent 2 Epic
Epic Any Epic Epic 1
Epic 1 Any Epic 1 Epic 2
Epic 2 Any Epic 2 Epic 3
Epic Epic Epic 3 Legend

Note: In table, “Any word represents any type of mentioned grade gear in the same category.

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Hope you find this merge equipment gear guide helpful. game guide and FAQs