Best Weapons and Skills Tier List

This post contains the best weapons tier list and best skills tier list for game. List is prepared by game experience and online sources.


Given tier lists are separated by following tier categories.

  • S – Super powered
  • A – Overpowered
  • B – Balanced
  • C – Underpowered

If you start preparing a perfect tier list for any game, then it will not be possible. Because, the best resources are always different based on players choice and game strategy.

But, here we try to prepare tier lists, which gives overview about best weapons and skills possible tier categories.

Best weapons tier list

  • S-tier weapons: The Lightchaser, Kunai.
  • A-tier weapons: Baseball Bat.
  • B-tier weapons: Revolver.
  • C-tier weapons: Shotgun, Katana.

Kunai and The Lightchaser are best weapons in

Best EVO skills tier list

  • S-tier EVO skill: Demon Blade, Supercell, Caltrops, Spirit Shuriken, Lucille.
  • A-tier EVO skill: Gatling, Whistling Arrow, Defender.
  • B-tier EVO skill: Quantum Ball, Sharkmaw Gun, Fuel Barrel, Dumbell, Destroyer.
  • C-tier EVO skill: Matrix, Pressure Forcefield, Magnetic Rebounder.

Best general skills tier list

  • S-tier skill: Molotov, Guardian, Forcefield.
  • A-tier skill: Soccer Ball, Drill Shot, Durian.
  • B-tier skill: Type A Drone, Type B Drone, Lightning Emitter, RPG, Laser Launcher.
  • C-tier skill: Brick, Boomerang.

Lastly, the best tier weapons and skills are always depends on your game strategy.

That’s it,

Hope you find this tier list helpful. But, yet in the end, the best resources are always depend on your game strategy. game guide and FAQs