Best Necklace – Best, Better, Good Necklaces Tier List

Currently the Eternal Necklace is the best necklace based on grade skills in Here you get Necklaces tier list and know about best, better, good and average necklaces. Best Necklace Tier List Necklaces
Best necklacesEternal Necklace.
Better necklacesMetal Neckguard, Trendy Charm.
Good necklacesBone Pendant, Army Nameplate.
Average necklacesEmerald Pendant.

Eternal Necklace grade skills

  • The higher the target’s HP, the more damage dealt.
  • ATK +15%.
  • Deals additional damage to enemies with full HP.
  • ATK +25%.
  • All passive effects +15% in battle.

Metal Neckguard grade skills

  • ATK +10%.
  • 1st passive effect gained +30%.
  • Last passive effect gained +30%.
  • ATK +15%.

Trendy Charm grade skills

  • ATK +10%.
  • -2% skill CD for every 200 monsters killed (Max 10%).
  • Max CD reduction +30%.
  • ATK +15%.

Bone Pendant grade skills

  • ATK +10%.
  • Monsters in range are Slowed.
  • Greatly increases Slow effect.
  • ATK +15%.

Army Nameplate grade skills

  • ATK +10%.
  • Gain inspire from Elite/Boss kills (fades when hero is hit). All damage +20%.
  • Inspire damage increased to 50%.
  • ATK +15%.

Emerald Pendant grade skills

  • ATK +10%.
  • Generates radiation ring that deals damage over time.
  • All radiation ring damage doubled.
  • ATK +15%.

Things to know about Necklaces Necklaces gear skills help to increase ATK, increase damage dealt and apply debuffs to enemies.

And, given Necklaces Tier List helps to choose the best Necklace in the game.

All necklaces in have different skills. For example, increase ATK, increase damage dealt, increase slow effect and slow down enemies movement.

From this post, you will easily find out which Necklaces are best in your game. All necklaces have less or more skills, and you can use them based on your game play requirements. game guide and FAQs