How to get Key Evolution in (Gold DNA)

Key Evolution, also called Gold DNA, is a rare item and used to unlock special abilities in the game.

Here you will know how to get Key Evolution or Gold DNA in mobile game.

How to get Key Evolution in

To get Key Evolution in, you need to play Trials and clear Trials chapter stages. This Trials game mode is unlocked when you clear Chapter 2.

Trials option available in bottom bar, once it is unlocked.

There are 3 stages in Trials mode chapter, and challenges increase stage by stage. And, you will get better rewards stage wise.

Rewards for Trial mode chapter stages:

  • Stage-1: 200 Gems.
  • Stage-2: 1 Key Evolution (Gold DNA).
  • Stage-3: 200 Gems and 1 Key Evolution (Gold DNA).

After getting Key Evolution (Gold DNA), you can switch to the Evolve tab and tap the special ability key evolution button to unlock it.

Things to know about Trial mode

Trials don’t cost any energy to play this mode. It means, you can try unlimited attempts to get Key Evolution without losing energy.

For every stage in the Trials chapter, you need to complete challenges to get rewards. Here, the first stage has 1 challenge, the second stage has 3 and the 3rd stage has 5 challenges to complete.

You will find 5 challenges (Fury, Doomsday, Evolve, Evernight and Gemini) in the 3rd stage.

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