Change Server on Kingdom Guard (Things to Know)

How to change server on Kingdom Guard is the main question for players who put in different servers and are not able to play together.

Here we collect and prepare a list of things about the Kingdom Guard server switch. So, you can get your answer from those things.

Change server on Kingdom Guard

In the game, you can change your server and create a new castle on a new server.


Castle created on a previous or old server can not be moved to your new server. And, character transfer from the old server to the new server costs money.

You can check this from settings. Here, choose character and character transfer option to check server item transfer cost.

Not able to play together on same server

One possible reason for this is that the server is not completely open yet.

In this case, two players can be on the same server but not able to play together or join the alliance and the Kingdom Guard game says you are in different areas.

Here, after some time period when the server opens completely, the player can join his/her friends.

That’s it,

Above are the only information we found and know about Kingdom Guard. Hope you find it helpful.

Next, for more queries you can contact game support or comment on the game’s official social media community page.