How to Get Steel in The Survival Game Roblox? (Complete Guide)

This guide is about The Survival Game Steel, How you can craft steel ingots in Roblox The Survival Game. In addition, you will also know how to get coal and iron to craft steel material.

Steel can be used to make strong armor sets, tools, and weapons, all of which are the second most rare of their kind.

Steel is a valuable material, third rarest and most valuable after bluesteel and darksteel. So, it is suggested to keep it to make bluesteel or darksteel, instead craft weapons or armor.

How to get Steel in The Survival Game?

Steel is not a resource that can be collected in The Survival Game world. To obtain steel ingots, you must create them. Each steel ingot can be made by combining 5 coal and 10 iron ores in a steel forge.

Now that you know how to craft Steel ingots, you need coal and iron ores. Here’s how to get both items:

How to get Coal in The Survival Game?

Coal can be mined from coal nodes. These nodes are less common than copper nodes, but they are still easy to find. You can get 3-6 coal from each node, depending on your mining level.

In the game, Coal nodes dotted around the map. Coal ore is a dark gray rock with black spots. It is found throughout the map, It is most commonly found in giant caves and deserts.

How to get Iron in The Survival Game?

Iron is a rare ore, which can be mined and smelted to be used in crafting. It appears to be light grey spots on a dark grey rock.

In game, Iron nodes are rare and only found in a few caves of different islands on the map.

The most common locations are:

  • In the Desert Temple.
  • In one of the nordic mountain.
  • Below the Colossus Statues in the Grasslands.
  • In a secret cave.

Mining an iron node can drop 3 or 6 iron ore, depending on your mining level.

Iron ore can be smelted in an iron forge to create iron ingots. Iron ingots can be used to craft valuable items (steel ingots). Iron spawns at a rate of about 2m 40s.

At last,

Tip: Mine as much as you can in one go to build up supplies. One steel ingot is not enough in The Survival Game.