Send Request and Trade Stickers on Match Masters? (Sticker Exchange)

This guide is about Match Masters sticker exchange. How you can send a sticker, request sticker or trade sticker on Match Masters.

You can send, request or trade stickers from the Match Masters Album tab. Here, on the top bar, you get “SEND”, “REQUEST” and “TRADE” buttons for this.

Let’s check out all sticker exchange options one by one,

How to trade stickers on Match Masters?

  1. Open Album tab and tap “TRADE” button.
  2. Tap “NEW TRADE” button.
  3. Select sticker and tap “Create Trade Link” button.
  4. Share trade link with trading buddy.
  5. Now, your friend needs to select a sticker to return (within 30 minutes).
  6. Next, you can approve their offer and complete the trade.

Match Master sticker trading system is safe and secure that guarantees you will receive your stickers every time you trade.

How to send a sticker on Match Masters?

To send a sticker to a friend, open the album tab and tap the “SEND” button from the top area. Next, select a friend from the available teammates list, select stickers and tap the “SEND TO …” button.

Here, you can send stickers which you have more than one and your friend does not have in game.

You can also send stickers from the Match Masters album page, by tapping a particular sticker. Or, sending stickers back after receiving stickers from another player.

How to request stickers on Match Masters?

In Match Masters, you can copy or share the request stickers link in Match Masters by using the “REQUEST” button in the Album tab.

Or, to request a specific sticker, go to the album page and tap on the missing sticker to copy or share that sticker request link.

How to Trade Diamond Stickers in Match Masters?

You can trade your duplicate Diamond Stickers on Diamond Sticker trade days.

Diamond Sticker trade days come often in Match Masters, In these days you will be allowed to trade specific diamond stickers. Here, you can trade your duplicate diamond stickers, which are featured on trade day.

Diamond Sticker trading ways,

  • Trade one for the other
  • Exchange for other type of sticker
  • Give it as a gift

Every trade day for Diamond Stickers allow different Diamond Stickers to trade, So, it is good practice to stay alert for these trade days to trade your Diamond Stickers.

To know about when Diamond trade is live and for which stickers, open game daily or follow game’s social media pages.

That’s it.

Hope you find this Match Masters sticker exchange guide helpful.

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