Flower Pow Terraria Guide (How to Get, Statistics, Overview)

Flower Pow Terraria guide includes topics about a Flower Pow flail weapon. How to get it, overview, statistics and more things.

What is Flower Pow in Terraria?

Flower Pow is a Hardmode flail weapon that drops from Plantera. It shoots razor sharp flower petals at nearby enemies. Flower Pow is the fourth most powerful flail in the game.

When you use the Flower Pow, a big flower on a vine gets thrown out. The flower not only hits hard, but also shoots out harmful petals, like Plantera’s attacks.

Flower Pow Terraria
Flower Pow Terraria

Flower Pow is the only flail that can shoot countless petals without stopping since you can hold it out to keep firing.

Flower Pow statistics

  • Type – Weapon
  • Drop rate – 14.29% / 16.67%
  • Damage – 130 (PC, Console, Mobile)
  • Knockback –  6.5 (Strong)
  • Critical chance – 4%
  • Use time – 40 (Very slow)
  • Velocity – 15.9
  • Use – Shoots razor sharp flower petals at nearby enemies.
  • Rarity – Lime (Tier 7)
  • Sell – 6 Gold coins
  • Research – 1 required (Journey Mode)
  • Best modifier – Godly or Demonic (Both increase same damage output)

How to get Flower Pow in Terraria?

Flower Pow can be obtained from Plantera (Hardmode boss). It is dropped by Plantera with a 14.29% / 16.67% drop rate chance. You can fight Plantera in the Underground Jungle after defeating all three mechanical bosses.

Note: If you pressed against a 1-block wide wall, you can throw the Flower Pow through it (works for all walls, above or below you). This makes it useful for attacking enemies from a safe distance.