Match Masters Trophies (Complete Guide)

Trophies mark your game progress in Match Masters. You can unlock studios and ranks by collecting trophies.

How to get trophies in Match Masters?

You can earn or lose trophies by playing Match in Match Masters, you get 25 trophies on match wins and lose 5 trophies on losing a match. And, winning a match with On Fire, you get double trophies. i.e., 50. Here, You can also earn up to 5 additional bonus trophies per match.

In Match Masters, the number of trophies earned or lost from playing a match is based on the player’s studio/rank.

Non ranked trophy

You will find a non ranked trophy icon with unranked games. In such matches, your trophy rank will be unaffected. Non ranked trophy icon indicates that your trophy rank will be unchanged by this game.

Bonus trophies

Bonus trophies can be earned, by beating an opponent who used a higher tiered booster or opponent with higher Trophy rating.

1. Beating an opponent who used a higher tiered booster

  • Beat a Diamond Booster Tier 1 to get 1 Bonus trophy.
  • Beat a Diamond Booster Tier 2 to get 2 Bonus trophies.
  • Beat a Diamond Booster Tier 3 to get 3 Bonus trophies.
  • Beat a Legendary Booster to get 5 Bonus trophies.

2. Beat opponent with higher Trophy rating

The more trophies your opponent has, the more bonus trophies you will get. In Match Masters per match, you can earn up to 5 additional bonus Trophies.

V4.5 update: No extra trophies gain for beating specific Booster tiers.

Trophy progression milestones

Trophy level in game marks your rank in the game, it also determines which elements of the game are available to you.

You can unlock exciting new features, game modes, tournaments, events, Stickers, Boosters and Perks with Trophy progression milestones.

Trophy milestonesUnlock items
200 TrophiesStickers
650 TrophiesMini Mastermind Perk
950 TrophiesBomb Delivery Perk
1100 TrophiesTournaments
1250 TrophiesCreate Lightning Perk
1400 TrophiesTeams and 5 Round Games
1850 TrophiesDetonator Perk
2000 TrophiesMain Events
2450 TrophiesMini Wand Perk
3050 TrophiesRemove Cross Perk
3350 TrophiesMini Cobra Perk
3650 TrophiesEnergy Boost Perk
3800 TrophiesDaily Mode, Diamond Tier 3 Boosters
4000 TrophiesStar Maker Perk
6000 TrophiesTeleport Perk
7000 TrophiesLegendary Boosters, Adventures, Score Smash
10750 TrophiesCheckerboard Perk
16000 TrophiesSE Boosters, Booster Clash (SE + Legendary), Fire Starter Event
17000 TrophiesMini Cleo Perk

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