Match Masters Play with Friends (Complete Guide)

This is the Match Masters game’s Friends feature guide.

Here, you will know how you can play with friends, steps to add or remove friends and how to challenge friends in a Match Masters game.

How to add friends on Match Masters?

Following are simple steps to invite and add friends in the game.

  • Open the Main Menu and tap on Friends.
  • Tap on the green Invite Friends button.
  • Now, you will get an invite friend link.
  • You can copy and send or share via installed chat apps.

Now, your friend will join you in the game by clicking that link.

How to remove friends on Match Masters?

Friends which are connected through Facebook will automatically sync to the game. It means, if you remove any friend from your Facebook friends list, it will automatically be removed from the game friends list.

Now, if you do not play games with Facebook connect, then you can also remove friends from game friends list.

To remove friends in Match Masters, open the Friends list from the Main Menu. Now, tap on the friend’s name and tap the red Remove button from the popup. Next, tap the Remove button to confirm remove friend.

Friends invite and invite reward limit in Match Masters

In the Match Masters game, there is a 100 friends limit for friends list and invite rewards. It means,

  • You can not add more than 100 friends in a game. After reaching the limit, you have to remove existing friends to add new friends.
  • Friends invite reward limit is 100, so after getting 100 invite rewards, you will not be able to receive rewards on new friends joining.

How to challenge friends on Match Masters?

To challenge your friend in the Match Masters game,

  1. Go to Menu > Play with Friends
  2. Or, Go to Events > Private > Booster Clash and tap “Create”.
  3. Select booster from booster select screen.
  4. Tap the “Play” icon.
  5. You get code for the event and “Share Link” option.
  6. Share code direct to friend or share link to friend.
  7. Next, your friend need to click on the links,
  8. Or, need to enter code and Join button in Events > Private > Join Private Event section.

Here, your friend will get a challenge match notification. Now, your friend can accept or reject your challenge.

In a challenge match, If you beat your friend, then you keep their Booster. And, if your friend beats you, then your friends keep your Booster.

That’s it,

Hope you find this Match Master friends feature guide helpful.

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