Builder Ant Habitats The Ants Underground Kingdom (Complete Guide)

This post includes a guide about Builder Ant Habitats in The Ants Underground Kingdom game. Builder Ant overview and things to know about its habitats.

Builder Ant overview

Builder Ants are responsible for Anthill construction. These large and strong ants work as builders. You need to build Builder ant habitats to hatch them.

You can check your Builder ants or Worker ants by tapping the wrench/hammer icon, which is available top-left corner below ant numbers.

Builder Ant Habitats

There are eight Builder ant habitats, from these, first four habitats unlocked through gameplay and remaining four can be purchased for increasing amounts of money.

You may like to know that all Builder ant habitats can not be updated and are always level 1.

Best practice: Move Builder ant habitats off the pathway as soon as they are built, because they never need to be interacted with. And by these they do not consume fungus.


Following are things to know about Builder ant habitats.

Builder Ant Habitat I

  • Build cost: Free
  • Power: 55
  • Unlocked by: First building constructed – Tutorial prologue
  • Fungus: 400 per hr

Builder Ant Habitat II

  • Build cost: Free
  • Power: 120
  • Unlocked by: Tutorial chapter 3
  • Fungus: 400 per hr

Builder Ant Habitat III

  • Build cost: 1000 Honeydew
  • Power: 220
  • Unlocked by: Queen 7
  • Fungus: 400 per hr

Builder Ant Habitat IV

  • Power: 550
  • Unlocked by: Queen 13
  • Fungus: 400 per hr

Supreme Builder Ant Habitats

Next, Supreme Builder Ant Habitat I, II, III and IV can be purchased from the game store (if you want them).

These habitats are unlocked by queen 3 and you need to purchase them in sequence. It means, Supreme Builder Ant Habitat II unlock if you already have Supreme Builder Ant Habitat I.

That’s it,

Hope you find this Builder Ant habitats guide helpful.

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