The Ants Underground Kingdom Redeem Codes

This guide is about The Ants Underground Kingdom redeem codes. You will get active and expired codes, steps to redeem codes and more redeem codes sources.

The Ants Underground Kingdom codes

The following is a list of active The Ants Underground Kingdom codes:

  • TGSANT – Redeem code to get in-game items.
  • ANTS8888 – Redeem code to get in-game items.
  • ANTSEASON2 – Redeem code to get in-game items.
  • THEANTSBLUESTACKS – Diamonds x 200, 10000 Plant x 5, 10000 Meat x 5 and more reward.
  • TheAnts666 – Redeem code to gain in-game items.

Expired codes

  • theants2year – 11 in-game items
  • Nemesis – 8 in-game items
  • 3Gaming – 7 in-game items
  • oosruzql– coins gift
  • ANTSHEROES – coins gift
  • zuoyvnjm– coins gift
  • engyntph– coins gift
  • dbwztpth– coins gift
  • pkdtcper– in-game items
  • uxyjbmyk – coins or gems gift
  • pkdtcper – coins or gems gift
  • ofytsplk – coins gift
  • stoneminer – coins or gems gift
  • uzsojdfe – Epic Ant
  • joingroup – Epic Ant
  • lczlojfm – Epic Ant
  • dngekaql – coins gift
  • rubiblcp – coins gift
  • nerizknp – Mythic Ant
  • ANTSHEROES – in-game items
  • hotpot – gems gift
  • gdrruzav – coins gift
  • アンツ777 – in-game items
  • 戰神黑軍蟻 – in-game items
  • 傑克跳蟻登場 – in-game items
  • THEANTS777 – in-game items

How to redeem The Ants Underground Kingdom codes?

To redeem promo codes in The Ants Underground Kingdom,

  • Tap on power option (located at top center of screen).
  • Tap the “Settings” button.
  • Next, tap on “Reedem Code” option.
  • Enter code and tap the “Confirm” button.

Why are The Ants Underground Kingdom codes not working?

Redeem codes in The Ants Underground Kingdom can expire or can work only for a limited number of users. Code will not work after it expires, or it reaches the redemption limit. Also, the code will not work a second time, if you have already redeemed it.

In short, possible reasons in case code not work for you are,

  • Code is expired.
  • Code reached the redemption limit.
  • You already redeem code before.

What are promo codes in The Ants Underground Kingdom?

In The Ants Underground Kingdom, Promo codes are game freebies which are released by game and players can collect in-game items by redeeming them.

By redeeming The Ants Underground Kingdom promo codes, you can get coins, gems, Ants, Meat, Plants, Sand, Eggs, Speedups and more in-game items.

These codes can be shared on The Ants Underground Kingdom’s social media channels, which are YouTube, Twitter, Discord, Facebook and Instagram.

So, by following the game’s official social media channels, you can get a chance to get codes earlier.

That’s it,

Hope you find this The Ants Underground Kingdom redeem code information helpful.

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