The Ants Underground Kingdom Farm Account (Complete Guide)

In this The Ants Underground Kingdom farm account guide, you will learn about bind your main and farm account, process to create farm account, transfer resources from farm account to main account and other farm account related best practices.

Farm account overview

Before starting the process, first we get overview of farm account – means how it work and it’s benefits.

In The Ants Underground Kingdom game, farm accounts are the same as main account, but here account owner get or create resources and send them to main account.

In simple words, a farm account is second game account which helps to get more resources in main account.

Now, the question is how to create a farm account and get resources from it? Let’s check it step by step.

1. Bind your main account

By binding your The Ants Underground Kingdom game account with email or Facebook, you will be able to save your game progress on the server.

And, when you switch from your main account to farm account or vice-versa, your game progress is available as it is.

Now you understand the benefits of account binding. Next, Following are the steps to bind your account in The Ants Underground Kingdom.

  1. Open your profile screen.
  2. Select Settings.
  3. Tap Account option.
  4. Tap the Bind Account button.
  5. Now, you can bind your account.

You can unbind your account from the same place, by following the above steps.

2. Create your farm account

In this step, you need to create a new account in The Ants Underground Kingdom game.

For this, go to Settings and Account. From here Start a new game. Here, select yes for new game confirmation. That’s it, your new account created.

Make sure, your new account is on the same server where your main account exists. Here, you can use newbie teleport to transfer your account to the main account server(in case of a different server).

After creating an account, you must complete a basic tutorial.

3. Bind your farm account

As you need to switch between your main account and farm account, here you also need to bind your new farm account with a separate email or Facebook account.

You can bind your farm account from the ‘Profile > Settings > Account > Bind account’ option. Same as step 1, but here you need to use a separate email or FB account from the main account.

4. Gather resources in farm account and transfer to main account

By doing basic things like, daily quests, researching farming technology, using ants for gathering, joining an alliance for bonuses & rewards, and so on, you can gather good resources in a farm account.

Here, you do not need to grow your farm account too much.

Next, to transfer your resources to the main account, you need to attack with the main account to farm account.

Things to know for transfer farm account resources:

  • Deactivate the garrison troops by proceeding to the entrance building and uncheck all troops that are listed to the garrison.
  • Transfer resources from time to time (once a week).
  • Name your farm account nearly similar to your main account, so you can easily identify it.

That’s it,

Now you can play The Ants Underground Kingdom game with a main and farm account. Here, you can access both accounts by game Switch Account option or by installing a dual game app in your phone.

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