The Ants Underground Kingdom Alliance Positions (Things to Know)

In The Ants Underground Kingdom, there are five different alliance positions or ranks, i.e., R1 to R5. Three are normal members and the remaining two are officers and leaders.

R5 – Alliance Leader

R5 rank is alliance leader and has more abilities compared to other rank positions.

R5 alliance leader abilities are:

  • Delete alliances
  • Kick all members
  • Select player for R4 officers
  • Accept players

R4 – Alliance Officers

R4 rank players are alliance officers and they are active players. To manage alliances, R4 ranks help and assist alliance leaders.

Alliance officer ranks has abilities like:

  • Kick all members
  • Accept players
  • Send mail

R3 – Normal Alliance Members

R3 rank players are normal alliance members.

R2 – Normal Alliance Members

R2 rank players are normal alliance members.

R1 – Normal Alliance Members

This R1 rank position is for new players. Alliance officers monitor R1 players to see that they are active and contributing to the alliance.

Now, before ending this post – here is a useful tip to increase your alliance rank.

How to increase alliance rank in The Ants Underground Kingdom?

Be active, assist alliance members and be friendly with your alliance members. These are the ways which create a chance to upgrade your rank by alliance officers and leaders.

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