How to Get Rocks in The Ants Underground Kingdom? (Things to Know)

Rock is one of the resources in The Ants Underground Kingdom game. In this post, you will know about the use of Rocks and different ways to get it.

Let’s learn new things about Rocks.

How to get Rocks in The Ants Underground Kingdom?

Rocks can be acquired from the outside world, These rocks are collected and used by the Worker Ants.

What is the use of Rocks in The Ants Underground Kingdom?

Here, In The Ants: Underground Kingdom, game players take charge of their own anthill, lead the queen, gradually grow the colony, and defend against enemies.

Players do all these by their game strategy and game resources. In The Ants Underground Kingdom game Rocks are one of the game resources.

These tiny rocks used to fortify anthill. Fortifying anthill keeps anthill safe from outside threats and protects the queen and all of the colony below.

The most common use of the Rocks is to upgrade the Entrance Tunnel to the Anthill, because it is the one entry point into the base.

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