How to Get Insect Eggs in The Ants Underground Kingdom?

  • Different ways to get Insect Eggs in The Ants Underground Kingdom.
  • Things to know about The Ants Underground Kingdom Insect Eggs.

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How to get Insect Eggs in The Ants Underground Kingdom

Following are two ways to get Insect Eggs.

  • When your game queen reaches level 16, you will be able to get eggs as a general drop from all insects (with an exception for creatures that must be rallied).
  • In another way, you can get Insect Eggs before you reach level 16. Here, the only possible way is to damage the groundhog or via special events.

Things to know about Insect Eggs

Following are useful things about Insect Eggs that you need to know.

  • Insect eggs can only be used after the queen is level 16.
  • Insect eggs take approximately 14 hours to hatch.
  • Hatch time may be reduced based on insect nest levels and sufficient evolutions.
  • Insect eggs hatched for different resources in game.

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