Creature Remains – The Ants Underground Kingdom (Things to Know)

In this post, you will know about Creature Remains in The Ants Underground Kingdom. What is it, how to obtain and where it is used.

Creature Remains

Creature Remains used for different relevant Evolutions. These Creature Remains are like an ant colony’s victory proof.

How to get Creature Remains?

Following are ways where Creature Remains are obtained in The Ants Underground Kingdom game.

  • Event rewards (e.g., Warzone event).
  • Can obtained after wild creature hunt outside the anthill.
  • In-app purchase.
  • Groundhogs provide Creature Remains.

Creature Remains use

These Creature Remains used to evolve in the Evolution Fungi. Zone Develop, Zone Fight and Advanced Combat are some evolution that require Creature Remains.

Tip: Use your Creature Remains for evolution smartly. Take decisions based on how much Creature Remains require for evolution and what benefits you get from evolution.

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