Change Server in The Ants Underground Kingdom (Newbie Teleport, Migration Event)

Here, You will know about The Ants Underground Kingdom newbie teleport and server migration event to change servers.

In The Ants Underground Kingdom game, you can change your server based on your level. As a newbie player, you can easily transfer your server by following some rules.


As a higher level player, you may need to wait for a server migration event and satisfy event requirements to migrate your server.

Let’s check out the steps and rules for both Newbie Teleport and Server Migration Event to change server in The Ants Underground Kingdom.

Newbie Teleport in The Ants Underground Kingdom

Within 3 days after registering and before reaching level 5, you can use the Newbie Teleport item to go to a new state.

Steps for Newbie Teleport

Following are steps for teleporting to another server using the Newbie Teleport option.

  • From the bottom menu bar open ‘Inventory’ option.
  • Next, open the ‘Buff’ tab and tap the Newbie Teleport item.
  • Tap the ‘Use’ button for Newbie Teleport.
  • Now, choose a new server zone and tap the ‘Migrate’ button.
  • Here, tap the ‘Go to’ button and tap ‘Yes’ button to confirm change.

Newbie Teleport requirements

Following are requirements for Newbie Teleport, which players need to fulfill.

  • Queen level must be higher than level 5 and below level 14.
  • All March Units are currently free.
  • You are not a member of any alliance.
  • You are not the Ant King.
  • There are no soldier ants in your Healing pools.
  • The account creation must be no more than 3 days.

Server Migration event in The Ants Underground Kingdom

Server Migration event gives the chance to migrate to the new desired server. By fulfilling event requirements, players can change their server.

Migration rules and requirements

Each server has a 300 spot limit to accept new players. After that the server did not accept new players.

Servers are divided based on hill development and you can migrate only within your group range servers.

All resources, items, buildings, special events and evolutions are available as it is after migration.

You can migrate after reaching level 15 or higher.

In event, you can migrate only once and within the event time frame.

Note that in the migration event, you need to also fulfill Newbie Teleport requirements, except the level requirement (here required level is 15 or higher).

Level and server migration tokens requirement

In server migration, when the ruler moves to the target server, then based on the queen level it consumes the number of server migration tokens.

  • Level 15-17 requires 1 token.
  • Level 18-19 requires 2 tokens.
  • Level 20 requires 3 tokens.
  • Level 21 requires 4 tokens.
  • Level 22 requires 6 tokens.
  • Level 23 requires 8 tokens.
  • Level 24 requires 10 tokens.
  • Level 25 requires 15 tokens.

How to get server migration tokens in The Ants Underground Kingdom?

There are two ways – first is to buy gift packages from the game store which contain tokens. And, second is to use contribution points to purchase tokens in alliance stores.

Contribution points are a free way to get server migration tokens. You can earn these points by taking part in daily alliance donations and other game activities.

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Hope you find this The Ants Underground Kingdom change server guide helpful.

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