How to Add Friends in Roblox on Xbox? (PC, Mobile or Xbox Friends)

Here are simple processes to add friends in Roblox on Your Xbox. You can add your friends, who played Roblox on pc, mobile or on Xbox.

Add PC or mobile platform friends in Roblox on Xbox

You will not get a search tab to search other players usernames in the Xbox version. But, don’t worry, the following two ways help you to add pc or mobile platform friends in Roblox.

1. Join the same game server as your friend join

To join the same game server, try to join the game at the same time. Next, press RB which is available next to their character. After this, a menu should display after a moment. Here, on the left side of the menu, there will be an option ”add friend” to send an add friend request.

2. Roblox homepage

This is the second way to add friends in a game. Here, you need to open the Roblox homepage, sign in and search for a friend’s username. In search results, you can find their avatar and be able to send a friend request.

And, once your friend added you back, your friend will be available in the Friends tab on Xbox.

Add friends in Roblox who are on Xbox

To add friends in Roblox who are on Xbox and you also on Xbox then click the home button on the controller. Next, from the People’s tab, go to the “Find Someone” option.

From here, you can make friends on the platform by searching Gamertag.

Next, from the Roblox Friends tab, you can open a player’s Game Card by clicking the “View Game Card” option below the avatar and you can join or invite them.

That’s it,

Hope, you find this add friends in Roblox on Xbox guide helpful.