How to Get 1K Free Spins in Coin Master? (It’s Possible)

Coin Master is an amazing game and gives free spins and other rewards to players. In this post you will know two different ways to get 1K free spins in Coin Master.

In game,

Coin Master gives free spins in different ways. For example, daily free spins links, reward calendar, social media contests & raffles, friend invite, chest and more.


Here, your question is – how to get 1000 free spins in Coin Master?

There are two possible ways to get 1K free spins in Coin Master – Complete Card Set and Coin Master Facebook page contests & raffles.

Complete Card Set

In the Coin Master game ‘Card Collection’, you can win free rewards by completing the card set.

Coin Master 1K spins from card set
Coin Master 1K spins from card set

‘PLANTS’ is the 12th card collection, which is the first set which gives 1000 free spins on completing a card set. After that, there are many other card sets, which gives 1K or more free spins. For example, OZ, AFRICA, ALICE and more.

Facebook page contests & raffles

Coin Master host raffles, contests, and giveaways on the game’s Facebook page and on other social media pages.

You can follow these pages and take part in these contests & raffles to get a chance to win free rewards.

Coin Master Facebook page rewards
Coin Master Facebook page rewards

Above is one of the Coin Master Facebook page posts, which gives chance to win 1000 spins.

That’s it,

Hope you find this information helpful.