Match Masters Studios and Levels (List with Trophies Count)

This guide is about Match Masters Studios and levels. Different studios, when they unlocked and amount of trophies required for them.

In game, you can collect and unlock new game studios after finishing the Match Masters Academy.

All studios in the game come with a different theme and mixer (a special feature). All Mixers are unique and add little twist to your match. You can check your level in the Trophies progress bar.

Master Ranks in Match Masters unlocked when you collect 3800 trophies. Studies change every few hundred trophies until you reach Master Ranks. Master Ranks unlock many rewards and Challenger I status.

You have to pass 12 arenas in order to reach Challenger I status – the first level of the big leagues, the Master Ranks.

After reaching Challenger I, your progression will be slower-down but becomes more rewarding.

Match Masters studios and levels

Following is list of Match Masters studios, challenger, Master and Legends level with required trophies. You start from Spotlight stars and continue with levels including,

  1. Jungle Jam – 100 Trophies
  2. Dustville Duel – 300 Trophies
  3. Fireworks Festival – 500 Trophies
  4. Gem Grab – 800 Trophies
  5. Beam Blast – 1100 Trophies
  6. Funky Tiles – 1400 Trophies
  7. Plunder Pirates – 1700 Trophies
  8. Candy World – 2000 Trophies
  9. Cloud City – 2300 Trophies
  10. Vegas Views – 2600 Trophies
  11. Tribal Trouble – 2900 Trophies
  12. Color Crystals – 2900 Trophies
  13. Challenger I (Master Ranks) – 3800 Trophies
  14. Challenger II – 4500 Trophies
  15. Challenger III – 5500 Trophies
  16. Master I – 7000 Trophies
  17. Master II – 10000 Trophies
  18. Master III – 13000 Trophies
  19. Grand Master I – 16000 Trophies
  20. Grand Master II – 20000 Trophies
  21. Grand Master III – 25000 Trophies
  22. Legends League – 30000 Trophies

That’s it for Match Masters Studios and Levels, which are part of game progression. Hope you find levels guide with trophies count helpful.

How to Find Your Level in Match Master?

To locate your level (Arena, Studios), tap the trophy icon near the profile picture in the top left corner of the screen.

In the Trophies progress bar you can check your current level position, completed milestones, upcoming levels, and items to be unlocked.

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