Match Masters Perks Guide (How to Get, Use, All Perks)

Match Masters Perks guide includes following topics – What is Perks in game, How to get Perks, How to use Perks and all Perks list with detail.

Match Masters all perks

  1. Mini Cleo – Select a piece and Mini Cleo perk will be cloned scarab style.
  2. Energy Boost – The next match will charge energy (regardless of colors matched).
  3. Checkerboard – Changes the whole board to a checkerboard pattern.
  4. Create Lightnings – Adds two lightning at random spots on the board.
  5. Remove Cross – Select a piece and Remove Cross will remove its row and column.
  6. Mini Cobra – Select a column and clone it to the right.
  7. Mini Wand – Choose a random color and remove it from the board, which creates a chance to make more matches.
  8. Mini Mastermind – Rearrange some board pieces to make special matches.
  9. Bomb Delivery – Place a bomb in the middle of the board and explode all the pieces around it.
  10. Teleport – Allows position switching of any two pieces on the board.
  11. Star Maker – Add some blue stars for more blue pieces to match and activate the booster. Also creates blue special pieces.
  12. Detonator – Activates all the special pieces on the board.
  13. Shuffle – Shuffle all current pieces on the board and generate new combinations on the board.
  14. Hammer – Using a hammer, you can remove or activate any single piece on the board.

Here, shuffle and hammer are basic perks and always available, while other perks are premium and limited in inventory. You need to get premium perks in different ways or purchase with coins.

What are Perks in Match Masters?

Perks are useful little items which will get you out of difficult match situations. For every match, you can select two perks and use them once in a match.

In the match, you will find your two perks in the bottom left corner.

Match Masters Perks
Match Masters Perks

How to get Perks in Match Masters?

You can get Perks in Match Masters by following ways.

  1. Match Masters free gift links
  2. Trophy milestones
  3. Special tournaments
  4. Events
  5. Album rewards
  6. Purchase by coins

Note: New premium perks and perks selection before match unlocked from Master Ranks milestone (3800 Trophies). 

There are 10 different perks in Match Masters with different powers. From them, Hammer and Shuffle are basic perks for matches.

Basic perks which are always available and do not require any efforts to get them as like other perks.

How to use Perks in Match Masters?

In every match two perks are available for one time use. You can use perks by touching the perks icon in match, which is found at the bottom left corner.

Perks help to come out from difficult situations. In a match, use booster and perks combination to be a winner.

Tip: Use your perks at the right moment. Stay focused and choose the right time to use your perk in high tension and time running out situations.

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