How to Get Free Boosters in Match Masters? (8 Ways)

Boosters are helpful game items to win the game and defeat your opponent. It helps to get points in game, without losing your moves.

In Match Masters game there are 27+ boosters. And, following are different ways to get free boosters in Match Masters.

Complete album

In the Match Masters game, by collecting stickers and completing sticker albums & albums pages, you can win free prizes.

Sticker album completion prizes include, spin, boosters, outfit, coins and more game resources.

Join a team

Teams feature unlocks when you have 1400 trophies. By joining a team, you will get free coins, free boosters, you can trade stickers and chat with players.

Game shop

In the Match Masters game Shop tab, there is the Feeling Lucky and daily deals sections. Here, you can get boosters by spending game coins.

In the Feeling Lucky section, you get the option to get a box by spending some game coins. This box contains free boosters. You can option box and collect available boosters from it.

In the daily deals section, you can get boosters by spending game coins.

Match Masters daily free gifts

Daily free boosters and gifts links feature is a great option to collect free boosters.

Match Masters share gift links on their social media pages. Game users can follow these pages and get links to collect free rewards daily.

Social media page giveaways and contests

Match Masters game hosting different contests and giveaways on their social media pages.

You can follow these game’s social media pages and take part in these contests to get a chance to win great prizes.

Events and Tournaments

In Match Masters game events and tournaments give more rewards compared to other options.

By taking part in tournaments and playing events, you will get more chances to win more free boosters.

Invite friends

The Match Masters game has an option to invite friends to play the game. 

And, on successful game joining(as per game criteria) of your friend, you will get bonus rewards. Here, bonus rewards include free boosters too.

It is suggested to try this option after reaching some good level position, as bonus rewards depend on your level.

Play game

By playing the game, you will be able to win more prizes including boosters. You can also progress your game and reach high levels, which also gives you more rewards.

That’s it,

Hope you find the given list helpful.