Match Masters Arrows, Lightning and Bomb Combos Guide

Match Masters combo tiles or special tiles are created by matching 3+ tiles in game. This post explains how you can create popular combo tiles in the Match Masters game.

Arrows combo tile Match Masters

Arrows tile created by matching four tiles in a straight line. Arrows tile can be vertical or horizontal orientation, it is based on four tiles matching direction.

You can clear a vertical or horizontal line by activating the arrow tile. Here, the arrow tile will clear the horizontal line, if it has horizontal direction, otherwise vertical.

Lightning combo tile Match Masters

Lightning tile created by matching five tiles in a straight line. Lightning tile effect does not depend on direction, and it generates the same effect based on its position.

This tile effect does not have a specific target. So, after tile use, the result board can be a better or weird situation. Lightning tile is a very powerful tile to clear most of board tiles and gain more points.

Tip: Try to clear match 4 or 4+ combinations on board, before activating this tile. 

Bomb combo tile Match Masters

Bomb tile created by matching five tiles in “L” or “T” shape. This bomb tile in Match Masters explodes and collects tiles within its radius.

This special tile gives the best result in board center position. In the center, this tile has maximum effect and replaces more tiles compared to other positions.

Also, to get bonus points by activating special tiles combos, make sure there are some special tiles nearby before activating the tile.

Special tiles combos

Special tiles combos mean, match two or more special tiles to generate a unique effect.

For example, a combo of separate lines and arrow tiles clear multiple rows or columns.

Here, special combos effect depend on how they matched. And, doesn’t matter with the type of tiles, as each special tiles combo has a different effect.

Note: Active special tile’s effect can activate other special tiles, if they come in the area of activated tiles.

That’s it,

In Match Masters these special tiles help to change board situations and get more points. Next, also check our Match Master free gifts links page to collect coins, boosters, perks, stickers, on fire and spin freebies.

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