Sons Of The Forest Hidden Achievements Guide – Detailed List

Sons Of The Forest hidden achievements guide has a detailed list of achievements, so you can unlock all Endnight Games game all achievements.

Sons Of The Forest hidden achievements full list

Following are all the hidden achievements of the Endnight Games Sons Of The Forest game.

  • SURVIVOR – Survive Day 1
  • TRADESMAN – Build a Structure With Over 50 Logs
  • CONTRACTOR – Build a Structure With Over 100 Logs
  • WHAT COULD GO WRONG – Survive Day 10
  • PINATA – Blow Up a Sluggy
  • MC CRAFTY – Craft All Weapons
  • EVERY MOVE YOU MAKE – Give a GPS Locator to Virginia
  • ARCHITECT – Build a Structure With Over 500 Logs
  • FIGHT DEMONS – Stay on the Island
  • BADGER – Dig 100 Holes
  • TRUSTED – Become a Trusted Player in a Multiplayer Game
  • NEED A BIGGER BOAT – Get Killed by a Shark
  • FOUGHT DEMONS – Leave the Island
  • CITY PLANNER – Build a Structure With Over 1000 Logs
  • SUCKER FOR PUNISHMENT – Get Kicked by a Heavy Cannibal 5 Times
  • CHIVALRY IS NOT DEAD – Reach Max Sentiment With Virginia
  • THIS PLACE ISN’T SO BAD – Survive Day 25
  • DYNAMO – Wear a Full Set of Tech Armor
  • 1% – Collect $1000
  • I DREAM OF SUSHI – Eat 20 Raw Fish
  • NEVER GOING HOME – Survive Day 50
  • KEEP YOUR FRIENDS CLOSE – Complete the Story With All Friendly NPCs Still Alive
  • FASHIONISTA – Own Every Piece of Clothing
  • I LIKE BLISTERS – Dig 1000 Holes
  • THIS CAN’T BE HEALTHY – Drink 50 Cans of Fi-Z
  • MAKER – Print One of Every Item
  • FOODIE – Eat One of Each Type of Edible in the Game
  • COLLECTOR – Pickup 50 Watches

Endnight Games – Sons Of The Forest game

In the game, you have been sent to search for a billionaire, who has gone missing on a distant island. You find that you are in a cannibal-infested hellscape. In this survival horror simulation, you must craft, construct, and fight for your existence, either by yourself or with friends.

Sons Of The Forest is an action, adventure, indie and simulation type game. Endnight Games Ltd is the developer of the game and Newnight is the publisher of the game.

Build and craft

For build and craft you can take different actions – cut out windows and floors using an axe, make fires by breaking sticks, build a cabin, build a sea-side compound.

Battle demons

Fight against mutated creatures in an unsafe world. Use weapons like pistols, axes, and stun batons to protect yourself and those you care about.

Survival horror simulator

You get complete freedom for your actions and decisions in a survival horror simulator. You can decide things to do, where to go and make your own survival strategies.

Survive in seasons

Survive in seasons by catching fresh salmon in spring & summer and storing meat for winter. Here, resources become scarce, because you are not the only one on the island searching for food.

At last,

To survive you can play alone or with friends. As a good practice, play co-op with friends, create defenses together, and explore above and below ground with backup.