How to Get Royal Match Free Coins? (No Hack and Tricks)

In the Royal Match game coins are very important resource items to complete your game levels. Here, you will know 9 different ways to get free coins in Royal Match game.

1. Complete game levels

Playing Royal Match and complete levels gives you coin rewards in game. Here, to get coins, you need to complete level and you will not get any coins for failed levels.

2. Complete area progress

In the game, there are different areas which you can complete by doing different level complete tasks.

Each area progress bar has 7 to 8 tasks, once you complete them, you will get coins and more rewards in chests.

For example, the Throne Room area progress chest gives 250 free coins and more rewards.

3. Take part in game Facebook page contests

You will find different contests on the game’s Facebook and Instagram page. Here, few lucky winners get amazing rewards.

So, by taking part in these contests, you will get a chance to earn huge coin rewards.

4. Join Teams

To join a team in the Royal Match, you need to reach level 21. And, on join a team you will get free coins and free life rewards.

5. Complete card collection sets

Card collections are a bit time taking options, but give more free coins compared to other options.

To unlock the collection feature, you need to reach level 41. Cards can be collected from events and chests.

Once you complete the card set, you can claim rewards which include free coins, chests and more rewards. 

6. Play game events

Events are boosting options to collect more and more rewards in game.

Royal League, Team Battle, Propeller Madness, and Book of Treasure are examples of events which you can play to get free coins.

7. Collect coins from chests rewards

Chests are a reward item in the Royal Match game. You can get them by completing area progress, playing events, completing collection sets, taking part in social page contests.

Chests contain different rewards including coins.

8. Completing bonus levels

Bonus Level gives a chance to collect as many coins as possible till you run out of available moves.

Coins which you collected in bonus levels will be added to your coin inventory.

9. Using remaining moves at the end of a level

When you play the game smartly and you complete a level with some remaining moves, then the game uses those moves and gives you extra free coins in game.

Lastly, Here is a quick answer for your question.

Coins are an important item in the Royal Match game, which is used to buy extra lives, moves, boosters and power-ups. And it can be gotten free by completing game levels, complete area tasks, taking part in game Facebook page contests, completing card collection sets, playing game events, chests rewards, bonus levels and using remaining moves.

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