How to Break Owls in Royal Match? (Stone Owl Statue)

Not able to break Owl Statue by making matches next to it, right? Don’t worry, in this guide you will know Royal Match how to break owls and everything about Stone.

Let’s understand things step by step, so you will know – what Stone Owl Statues are and How to get rid of owls in Royal Match, to continue game progress.

How to break Owl Statues in Royal Match?

In the Royal Match game, you can not break Stone Owl Statues by making matches next to it.

Owl Statue is a Stone item in Royal Match, and stone can be cleared by power-ups. It means, you can break or clear Owls, only by hitting them with power-ups.

You can use different power-ups like Propeller, TNT, Light Ball or Rocket.

Tip: Use Rocket or TNT to break more Stone and Owls, instead of Propeller or Light Ball. You can use these power-ups separately or after combining.

Stone Owl Statue in Royal Match

There is a Stone element in Royal Match, which has 3 states and the last state of the Stone is Owl Statue.

In game, Stone or Owl Statues are not moved like the other moving game elements. And, to complete the level, you have to break these Stone items.

The given guide in this page will help to break Owls and continue level progress in game.

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