Royal Match Lives – Helpful Things to Know

Leave are attempts to beat a level in the Royal Match game. In game, when you fail a level, you will lose one life from available lives.

There are some things about Royal Match lives, which are helpful to manage lives and play the game.

Let’s check it out,

Things to Know about Royal Match lives

  • In the game, you can have a maximum 5 lives.
  • For every level failure, you will lose one life in the game.
  • Every 30 minutes, you will get one free life in the game.
  • Available or remaining lives can be seen from the home screen on heart icon.
  • You can request lives from your team members.
  • Ask for lives feature will not work, if you already have more than 10 lives.

That’s is,Hope you find this information helpful. Next, check out this post to know about ways to get free lives on Royal Match.

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