How to Get Free Lives on Royal Match? (No Hack and Tricks)

This is a guide about free lives on Royal Match. You will know new things like different ways to get lives in the Royal Match game and how lives work in the Royal Match game.

If your level fails and runs out of lives, then following are different ways to get more lives in the Royal Match game.

Refill lives using coins

You can refill your lives using your game coins. Currently by spending 900 coins, you will get 5 lives in game.

Game automatically shows an option to refill your lives using coins, when you start playing a level and there are no lives in your account.

Tip: When your moves are emptied while playing level, the game suggests getting extra moves using coins. Here, if you are not sure to complete a level with extra moves, then don’t buy extra moves. Instead, refill lives using coins when out of game lives.

Join Team to get free lives

When you join a team you will get free lives and rewards. But, to join a team you need to reach level 21.

So, after level 21 joining a team is one option to get free lives. This option is a one time opportunity.

Get lives from teammates

The Royal Match Team feature is a great option for players. Here, you can request for game lives.

You can make a request for 8 lives to teammates from “My Team” by tapping the “Request” button.

Once teammates send you free lives, you can add those lives to your account and continue playing your level.

Tip: Before joining any team, make sure that team has a good number of members and has activity level high.

Royal Pass rewards

Royal Pass gives exclusive bonus rewards until the event ends. Here, more lives is also part of rewards. For example, 8 lives instead of 5. It means 3 more lives.

Events with unlimited lives

In the Royal Match game, events happen frequently and in the event, players get access to different goodies. For example – unlimited lives, extra Boosters and more.

To be more active on events and complete more puzzle levels using extra Boosters & free lives is good practice.

Wait for new daily lives

Lives works in the following way in the Royal Match game.

In the Royal Match game, everyday you will get 5 lives. Now, when you fail to complete a level puzzle, then you will lose one live in game. This will apply for every level failure, until you are running out of lives.

Here, you need to wait until the live refill countdown timer completes. And, on the next day, when the countdown is over, you will get 5 new lives again to play the game.

At Last,

Suggestion: Given are recommended ways to get free lives in the Royal Match without any hack. More on this, you may also heard about Royal Match unlimited lives generator and edit system time trick to get free lives, but, we strongly suggest to avoid such hacks as they are a waste of time.

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