Can I Play Family Island Offline? (Things to Know)

You want to play Family Island and before installing the game, want to know whether it is offline or online, then here you will know about it.

Here is the answer to your question – Is Family Island an offline game? This answer is applied for Android and iOS both mobile users.

Can I play Family Island offline?

Family Island is an online game. You can not play this game without internet connection (mobile data or WiFi).

Now, If you open a Family Island game without internet connection, then the game will show the following message with the OK button.

You are not connected to the internet. An internet connection is required to play.

After this message, the game will not load and you can not play it without the internet.

What if I turn off the internet after Family Island game loads?

Here, If you open a Family Island game with an internet connection and turn off after game loads, then the game will continue for 6-7 minutes.

But, after that, the game shows an internet connection required message and restart.

So, all in all, Family Island is an online game and you require an internet connection to play it.