Family Island Storage – Tips, Tricks and Guide

This guide will discuss Family Island Storage. You will learn about storage, how to increase storage, upgrading storage, things to know about storage, and tips & tricks.

Family Island storage quick overview

Storage is an important part of Family Island. It is used to store items that you craft or collect, and it can be increased by upgrading the different storage buildings. To free up space when your storage is full, you can exchange resources, upgrade storage buildings, or exchange extra resources for experience points. Rare items do not take up any storage space, and decor items can be stored in a separate section. By following these tips, you can make the most of your storage space in Family Island.

What is Storage in Family Island?

The storage holds all items that you craft or collect in Family Island. This includes resources, crafted items, food, event items, and rare items.

To access your storage in the game, tap the chest icon in the bottom right corner of the screen.

How to increase Storage capacity?

In the game Family Island, storage capacity is limited. However, it can be increased by upgrading the different storage buildings: stone storage, food storage, wood storage, and storehouse.

It is a good practice to regularly upgrade storage capacity, as each new level requires more resources to store.

How to free up storage space in Family Island?

To free up some space when storage inventory is full in Family Island, you can try following ways,

  • Exchanging resources – Exchange items with the merchant and/or shaman.
  • Upgrade storage building –  Upgrade one of your storage buildings.
  • Experience points –  Exchange storage extra resources for experience points.

Items not take up space in storage

In the Family Island game, items in the Rare category (e.g., ambers, emeralds, torches, and candles) do not occupy any storage space and cannot be exchanged.

In other words, if an item cannot be exchanged for experience, it does not take up storage space. These items do not have a yellow star exchange icon in the bottom right corner.

Decoration item storage

The decoration item storage is a separate section for storing decoration items on your island. You can access the decoration storage by clicking on the shopping cart icon.

During gameplay, this storage is available to collect some items while exploring.

To collect and move the decor item to storage, tap and hold the item for a few seconds, which displays a cart icon. Next, tap the cart icon and move the decor item to storage.

That’s all about the Family Island storage feature.