Where to Find Resources or Items in Family Island? (Locations)

Family Island contains 55+ different game items or resources. These resources can be found on Island’s different locations. This post contains a Family Island Resources/Items and their location list.

In Family Island, resources can be produced, found in some locations, available as rewards, can be obtained from other resources and more.

If you are looking for some resource and thinking where is the particular resource item in Family Island, then the following item location list is for you.

How to get resources or items on Family Island?

Acid – Get from poisonous plants and thorns on several islands (Sun Island and on event islands).

Amber – Smash large bunches of clay to get amber or get by completing a merchant chain of orders.

Ash – Get it in rewards for completing a shaman chain of orders.

Bee – Bees live on the flower bed and catched using the gold net starting from level 56.

Beeswax – From level 56, Beeswax collected from the beehive.

Black diamond – Found in a jewelry workshop on Perl Island.

Blue ore – Can be received after breaking blue stones.

Broken car – Find broken machine to retrieve the millstone, broken machine found on Home Island upper level where the volcano is situated. Keep completing active quests to make this area available.

Buttons – Get in rewards for completing a shaman chain of orders (level 29).

Candles – Unlocked from level 10, found in some chests and gifts on islands or completing a shaman chain of orders.

Carrot – Available from level 49, complete quest with resin and then the quest with finished boards and nails to make carrot available.

Chanterelles – Can be harvested in the bed of chanterelles on Balancer island (complete a chain of necessary quests).

Claws – Get it in rewards of completing a shaman chain of orders, or on some islands Thorns found which drop claws.

Clay – Can deposits on islands or can get from meteorites that appear periodically on Home Island.

Clover – Get by cutting ferns, for completing the merchant’s order and get one Clover every 24 hours by placing a haystack.

Cones – Found in some objects on event islands and can be obtained when chopping down fir trees.

Copper ore – Found after breaking copper ore deposits.

Eggs – Feed chicken food to chickens and receive eggs from them.

Elevator Lever – Help you fix the elevator on your Home Island. To find the elevator lever, you must travel to Invention Island. Once there, you will need to dismantle an old abandoned hut in order to locate the lever, which is hidden within.

Emerald – Smash large stones or complete a merchant’s chain of orders.

Feathers – Can get from chickens starting from level 7.

Gold ingots – Get by participating in different events or purchase them in special offers.

Gold items (shovels, saws, pickaxes) – Find them in chests on Home or some event Islands, also available from reward calendar.

Gold keys – Get by complete merchant’s orders, from reward calendar and different event rewards.

Golden ore – Found after breaking golden ore deposits.

Grass – Appears periodically on Home island and available on other islands too.

Heather – Can be planted on fields (from level 48).

Hide – Hides can be received from goats.

Honey – Gather honey from the beehive (at level 56).

Iron – From the iron ore deposits starting from level 45.

iStone – Found in shaman orders rewards or it can also be found in ruins on some islands.

Lapis-Lazuli – Found in merchant orders rewards or need to destroy big deposits of blue stone.

Lever – Find on Invention Island.

Limestone – Get from limestone ore deposits starting from level 33.

Log – Obtained after chopping down various trees.

Lotus flower – Appears at level 63 and harvest from the lotus pound.

Magic 8 ball – The Magic ball 8 will drop out of the shaman’s abandoned hut.

Meadow grass – Available at level 64 and found on the meadow field on Home island.

Meat – Received from rooster.

Milk – The goat or cow gives you milk in game.

Palms – Grow on Home island on the right side, by the water (level 27).

Palm logs and leaves – Received after chopping down palm trees.

Pearl – From the shells on Perl Island and later get them from Home Island pond.

Plans – Received after collecting a totem on every Wandering island (e.g., Hippo, Raccoon, Ribbiting and Turtle Island).

Salt – From merchant and shaman chain of orders, also by collection starfishes.

Sapphire – Found from sapphire pond, which is available after the complete Sapphire Island story.

Seashells –  Get from merchant orders completion gift, starfishes and chests.

Silverin – From silver stone in the river on Muskelon Island and also gather from the silver pond on Muskelon Island (level 37).

Skulls – Complete chain of orders for the shaman (level 20).

Sponge – Find sponges in corals on Island of tears (level 31).

Stick – Gathered from bushes and trees.

Stone – Found on every island.

Torches – From discarded fire pits on some islands or by completing a chain of orders for the shaman.

Thorns – Found on some islands like Sun Island.

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