Family Island Chests – Get Free Energy, Starts, Gold Items

Family Island Chest guide explains what is chest, chest contents, chest types, how to open chests and how to get chest in Family Island. Know about chests, to get free energy, stars and gold items.

Family Island Chests

Chest in Family Island is a special item, you can collect free energy, stars, gold items and special items from it. You can find chests on Home island and on some event islands. And, these chests are open using a key.

Chest contents rewards – Family Island chests contain energy, stars, gold tools and special items.

Chest types in Family Island

Small chests – A small wooden chest which opens using one gold key. Chest gives energy, starts and other game items.

Big chests – A big wooden chest with purple color. Chest also called purple or gold chest. You can collect special items from this chest, including golden tools.

Reward chests – Chest which is available as rewards, does not require gold key to open and gives energy or other game items.

How to get Chests in Family Island?

1. Home island Shore area

Small chests appear every 24 hours at the place where merchants arrive. And, big chests appear every 3 days at the shore right side area.

Some users complain that Chests don’t appear on Home Island. Next, Tip gave the answer, Why is that?

Tip: Timely remove sandcastles, starfishes and other resources to make room for the chests to appear.

2. Event islands

In the Family Island game new event islands are introduced with 3-4+ days interval. Here, some event islands can have chests on different areas. You need to reach to the chest to collect chest gifts.

3. Free promotional packs

Family Island offers different promotional packs to buy, in these promotional pop-ups, there are some free packs, which contain free chests. You can collect this chest gift by clicking the free button.

Chests available on free promotion packs and event islands are reward chests in most of the cases.

How to open a Chest in Family Island?

To open Family Island chests, you need one or more golden keys. For a small chest, you need 1 key and for a big chest you need 3 keys.

There are 6 ways to get gold keys in Family Island. Keys are equally important as chests, as you can’t open chests.

That’s it,

Family Island chests are one of the ways to get free energy and other resource items. Next, check out Family Island free energy links and ways to get free energy pages for more gifts.